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New York has reported America’s first Polio case in the last ten years.

A new, potentially dangerous virus was found in the Rockland County suburb of New York City.

New York has confirmed a case of polio, the first in nearly 10 years. Health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also confirmed the cases.

Rockland County, New York, which is a suburb of New York City, experienced the first case of the virus in the U.S. since 2013. The symptoms take up to 30 days to appear, and they can be spread quickly among asymptomatic individuals.

The state is looking into the new case as well as advising healthcare professionals to be on the lookout for any further cases. Locals have been advised to vaccinate against measles and other highly contagious diseases.

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The Department of Health recommends that people who haven’t been vaccinated against the virus get vaccinated. A vaccine is both safe and effective, as it protects against the disease. It should be a part of your routine childhood vaccinations.


Details of the Polio case

Originally, it involved a revertant polio Sabin type 2 virus. Health officials said that this is evidence of an infected transmission chain stemming from someone who received the oral polio vaccine. It’s no longer used in the U.S., but there were instances of this vaccine when it was being administered in 2000. So, they believe that the source may come from outside the country. We last had an example of this happening back in 1993.

Patricia Schnabel Ruppert says Rockland County Health Agency (RCHA) will be working with local health care providers to notify and make vaccinations available.

Director of Public Health, Nancy DelliCarri of Erie County, NY said “We’re monitoring the situation closely, working with the New York State Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to respond to this emergent public health issue.”

Rockland County has announced it will host polio vaccination clinics at the Pomona health complex on Friday and Monday.

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