New Record! Noah Lyles Sets Record of 19.31 Sec In World 200m Championship

Noah Lyles gave an over-the-top performance to retain his 200-meter title in 19.31 seconds on Thursday at the World Championship.

Noah Lyles

Noah Lyles said that the first few meters were the start of his life:

Noah Lyles became the third fastest athlete of all time over the distance by leading a second American race podium sweep. Lyles won the bronze medal at Tokyo Olympics, he led at the middle point and later exploded through the finish, along with his competitors Kenny Bednarek(19.77) and Erriyon Knighton(19.80) who is only 18 years old. They both gave tough competition to Noah but couldn’t beat him and received silver and bronze respectively.

Noah Lyles was not satisfied with how in some of his races he quickly got out of the blocks and said that the first few meters were the start of his life. Lyles further said, “I was telling Knighton and Kenny that I was glad y’all was behind me because you all put the fear of God into my start.” When he felt that Knighton was not behind him from the turn, he knew that now he had a clear way to the top of the podium. He said, “After that, I was like OK, I am racing myself. Let’s go, which was my goal.”

Noah Lyles
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Michael Johnson congratulated Noah Lyles for breaking his record:

Noah Lyles was also getting a back thought in his mind that if he tried to pull him up he will be ready for it. After finishing the race in Eugene, Oregon, Lyles tore his shirt and roared by accepting his win and hugging competitor Knighton. After breaking the US national record of Michael Johnson who is a four-time Olympic champion, Noah said, “Today is my day I finally got to do what I dreamed of.” Initially, Lyles’s time was displayed as 19.32 which was nearly the same as the record of Michael Johnson but later it was updated to an official 19.31.

When Noah Lyles turned and noticed the new figure on the clock he was stunned. Johnson congratulated him later for breaking his record. Lyles said that he was so lost in that moment that he was aware of his margin of victory and even his teammates got which medals.

Noah Lyles
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