NHL commissioner Gary Bettman aforementioned that the NHL regular season would come to a standard calendar schedule at his annual Stanley cup final group discussion Wednesday. The opening of the 2022-23 regular season is going to be October. 11.

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NHL, the league will generate record revenues this season:

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says the league can generate record revenues of over $5.2 billion this season. which total is also conservative.

Holding court Wednesday with deputy commissioner Bill Daly before Game one of the Stanley final between the Colorado Avalanche and also the Tampa Bay Lightning, Bettman praised the league and its partners at giant for finishing the primary 82-game regular season in 2 years. That provided the inspiration for a much-needed monetary recovery.

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“What we’ve done is we’ve continued to control, we’ve done the basics of our business,” Bettman aforementioned. “We had a serious increase in our national media revenues within the united states.

Our buildings are back to primarily wherever they were with attending, and perhaps a touch higher. Our playoffs this year, initially the primary 2 rounds generated 880 yards of the revenues that we have a tendency to do within the first 2 rounds the last time we have a tendency to had traditional playoffs in 2019.

We have a tendency to continue to place on NHL hockey below the foremost tough of times. … we tend to stabilize the business and power through.”

NHL’s competitive balance is unmatched by any of the other major leagues:

“We anticipate revenues continued to grow at a healthy rate,” Bettman aforementioned. “Two, perhaps 3 years is my projection for paying off our debts. I can not really do an awfully smart job of projecting next year or the year afterward till we have a tendency to get a fix on this year. however, things are terribly sturdy and really solid.”


The commissioner aforementioned believes inflated evaluation around the league this season is tied to higher revenues being generated.

“I suppose it’s correlated to inflated interest within the game,” Bettman aforementioned. “Everything we have a tendency to do is simply vital to the extent that the sport is healthy on the ice. and also the game is healthy on the ice.

Our competitive balance is unmatched by any of the opposite major leagues, and it provides USA unimaginable races within the regular season, and it provides USA playoffs that area unit as unpredictable as something you’ll be able to say.”

In addition to the league’s positive returns, Bettman and Daly addressed newer lowlights. Most pressing was the NHL’s response to a recently settled proceeding brought by a lady against Hockey Canada in 2018.




NHL wasn’t aware of any allegations when they occurred:

The NHL discharged an announcement calling the alleged behavior “both detestable and reprehensive,” and Daly confirmed the league’s investigation is in progress.

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“We’re underway,” Daly aforementioned. “We’ve been involved with the players’ association. they have been cooperative to the present purpose in facilitating and arranging interviews with each of the players and we expect to be able to interview each of the players on every team. And we’ve additionally been in-tuned with Hockey Canada also.”

Bettman aforementioned the NHL wasn’t responsive to any allegations after they occurred.

“We knew specifically once we learned of the proceeding,” he said.

The NHL additionally remains within the method of resolution of its legal matter with Evander Kane. The NHL Players’ Association filed a grievance on Kane’s behalf in January once he was placed on unconditional waivers by the San Jose Sharks for breach of contract and violation of COVID-19 protocols.

Kane was within the fourth season of a seven-year, $49 million deal, and stood to lose close to $22.9 million from his contract being terminated. he is an unfinished unrestricted free agent who spent the last half of last season with the Edmonton Oilers.

A resolution to Kane’s issue has been delayed because of programming conflicts with the case’s intermediator, and will not be reached before delegacy opens July thirteen.

The NHL will have crowned a Cup champion, but Russian players will not be allowed:

“The intermediator isn’t accessible to the USA throughout the month of June sadly,” Daly aforementioned. “So, we’ve to figure on some dates early within the summer.

We’re presently in discussions with the players’ association on what all this means, in terms of Evander’s status. I even have no basis really to mention once the case can finish.
If it goes to the second day of the hearing and that we await a call from the intermediator, which can desire a written award, my guess is that may be past the date of delegacy.”

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By then, the NHL can have topped a Cup champion. however, Daly additionally confirmed that amid the continued Russian invasion of Ukraine, any Russian-born players won’t be allowed to require hockey’s cup home.

“We created each club aware already with relevancy this summer, the Cup isn’t about to Russia or Belarus,” Daly aforementioned. “We might owe a Cup trip within the future, rather like we have a tendency to did with the pandemic. however, it is not happening this summer.”


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