In honor of National Cinema Day, movie tickets will only cost $3 on Saturday, September 3.
many theaters will cost just $3 on National Cinema Day
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National Cinema Day offers on US Theaters

Although the summer movie season has come to an end.
US theaters hope that National Cinema Day is a single-day event.
Here, participating venues will sell movie tickets for as little as $3. Which will rekindle interest in coming to the movies.

The event was announced on Sunday by The Cinema Foundation.
A non-profit division of the National Association of Theatre Owners, according to the Associated Press.
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 Coming to a Theater Near You: $3 Movie Tickets for National Cinema Day
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This Saturday, Sept. 3, more than 3,000 cinemas.

And almost 30,000 screens will participate in National Cinema Day across the country.
For comparison, the nation’s theaters have around 40,700 screens.
According to Cinema Foundation president Jackie Brenneman. “We wanted to do something to honor moviegoing. After this summer’s record-breaking return to cinemas.”

We’re doing it by saying “thank you” to the moviegoers who helped make this summer possible.
And by providing an added incentive for those who haven’t yet returned.
National Cinema Day comes along right. As the summer movie office enthusiasm is almost completely over.
The box office total for theatrical releases this past weekend was $52.7 million.
This is the lowest weekend total since February.
New releases “The Invitation,” “Three Thousand Years of Longing“. And “Breaking” all had relatively underwhelming debuts.

National Cinema Day is intend to revitalize moviegoing during a slow season.
And to generate excitement for the next fall release schedule.
The idea is purportedly used as a test run for an annual event, according to the organizers.
For the first time in the modern era.
On Special Day offers discounted movie tickets. At both competitive theater chains and independent theaters.