Most expensive yachts in the world

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Most expensive yachts in 21st Century .

Owning a yacht itself is the sign of luxuries and wellness. And with that, there are only a handful of yachts that are sailing across the oceans. A luxurious yacht doesn’t only defines the mode of the transportation but also a symbol of the wealth and luxury that only the billionaires and the millionaires can afford. Each one of them has got a unique feature, within itself consisting of various extravagances such as swimming pools, Movie Theater, concert halls and furthermore comprising the features such as bulletproof windows, marina power connections and many more. In short an expensive yacht is enough to take you to a new world and that is enough to take you out from all the tiredness of the world and put you into a new life of luxury and style. Overall, to talk in simple terms, we can define an expensive yacht as a whole new world, which provides every item of luxury. If you want to get every bit of details regarding the most expensive and luxurious yachts, then we have got an ultimate guide for you in today’s article. Here we will be discussing the facilities and the net worth that are connected with the most expensive yachts.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 most expensive yachts on the planet earth.

  • History Supreme:
    History Supreme

to begin with the list we have History Supreme, which is the most expensive yacht in the world made up of solid gold. The owner of this yacht is the richest man from Malaysia, whose name is Robert knok. The construction of this yacht took 3 years, and the length of this yacht is 100 meter. As mentioned earlier the components of this expensive yacht are solid gold, and platinum. The design is created by the renowned luxury designer from the UK, whose name is Stuart Hughes. The gold and the platinum further adorn this yacht from the base to the dining area, decks, rails and the anchors.

This luxurious Yacht also consists of a master bedroom, which has a wall feature made up of meteorite rock and even has a statue made from genuine Tyrannosaurus Red bones. The estimated net worth of History Supreme is $4.8 billion.


  • Eclipse:

the next second most expensive yacht in the world is eclipse, this expensive yacht is owned by a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. The construction of the yacht was done by Blohm and Voss who belong from Germany, and was designed by Terence Disdale. The length of this expensive yacht is 533 feet long, and along with that it also has a mini submarine which alone has the capacity to submerge itself up to 50 meters underwater.  The master bedrooms are protected with bullet proof windows, along with amour paintings. Furthermore this expensive yacht also comprises 2 helipads, 24 guest cabins, swimming pools, and a disco hall and even has hot tubs. This yacht also features an anti-paparazzi zone which consists of lasers that help sweep the surrounding areas. The estimated net worth of this yacht is $1.5 billion.


  • Streets of Monaco:
    Streets of Monaco

  this yacht can be described as a floating city, as it comprises the renowned landmarks of a Monaco city, in this yacht, you can find miniatures replicating the streets of Monaco, Hotel De Paris, Monte Carlo Casino, and also has a beach like swimming pool. Talking about the designs, the interiors of the yacht are designed by Opulent Yacht, while the exteriors have been designed by Filthy Rich Boaters. This luxurious yacht is divided into three floors, also featuring a private elevator, an office, a living room, and balconies. Moreover, along with that, there are seven guest suites which furthermore have reception rooms, dressing rooms, and bathrooms attached. There are other luxurious items, which include a barbecue facility and a mini waterfall. This yacht also has a gorgeous café bar which provides an exclusive underwater view. The estimated net worth is 1.1 billion.

  • Azzam:

this expensive Yacht is the most challenging yacht ever made, according to the designers and the creators of this yacht. According to the sources the owner of this expensive yacht is a royal family belonging from the UAE. The length of this yacht is 590 ft. long and also has a speed of 35 kmph. The features include two gas turbines, along with two diesel engines which have a total power accommodation of 35048 Kw, which furthermore helps this yacht to travel both in warm as well as shallow waters. The interiors of the yacht is designed by French interior decorator Christophe Leoni, while the exteriors have been designed by Nauta Yacht. The estimated net worth of Azzam is $600 million.

  • Motor Yachta:
    Motor Yachta

this expensive yacht is owned by a Russian tycoon, named Andrey Melnichenko, it was built by Blohm and Voss shipyard in Kiel and this yacht can accommodate 14 guests and 42 crew members together. The interiors of the yacht exceeds for 400 ft. long, exceeding over 24,000 and along with that it also features a 2,500 sqft master bedroom and disco. It also has six guest suites, which has moving walls which helps to convert them into four large staterooms. The furniture’s, glassware and the tableware that are made up of French Crystal, which further more adds to the luxuries of the yacht. The estimated net worth of this expensive yacht is $440 million.

  • Topaz:

up next in the list we have Topaz which is owned by Shaikh Mansour. The overall construction of this expensive yacht is comprised of wide and astounding 8 decks which covers the exotic viewing experiences, overall this yacht is fully air-conditioned which furthermore features two helipads, a modern gymnasium, a large Jacuzzi, underwater lighting, and even has a conference room for the business purposes. The estimated net worth is $527 million.

  • Dubai:

this is another yacht which is said to be a rumored one just like the “Azzam”, and even this expensive yacht also belongs to a royal family residing in UAE. The size of “Dubai” is 531 feet. The construction of Dubai was done by Blom and Voss. Regarding the interiors of this expensive yacht, it was designed by Platinum Yachts, while the exteriors were designed by Andrew Winch. The features of this expensive yacht are a mosaic swimming pool, a helipad, and a circular staircase. The accommodation of this yacht is 155 guests including the crew members. The net worth of this yacht is $400 million.

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  • Serene:

this expensive yacht is owned by Mohammed Bin Salman. The equipment of this expensive yacht is comprised of multiple swimming pools, spa pool, snow pool, a dance floor, and an area which is available for playing for the wealthy guests and other than that it also includes two helipads, and even comprises of the underwater viewing room, which provides an excess for the guests, to watch marine life with total comfort and security. Talking about the net worth the estimated net worth is $330 million.


  • Dilbar:

this expensive yacht is owned by a Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, and Dilbar enjoys a speed of 42 KMPH. It was built in a German Luressen shipyard. The capacity of this yacht is 40 guests and can also accompany 80 crew members. The yacht comprises a swimming pool, and this pool is also known as the superyacht pool. Other than that, this yacht also comprises two helipads and also has a living space which covers the area of 3,800 sq. meters. The estimated net worth is $256 million.


  • AL Mirqab:
    AL Mirqab

this yacht is rumored to be owned by the former prime minister of Qatar. The interesting fact about this expensive yacht is that it was the winner of the Motor Yacht of the year, and was awarded back in 2009. Al Mirqab was built in Germany, by Peters Schiffban Wewelsfleth, and has been designed by Andrew Winch. This yacht is made up of steel and has a length of 436.35 feet and has a superfast speed of 37.6 kmph. This yacht comprises 10 large suites which feature a bathroom, a living room, and a double bedroom. It can accompany up to 25 guests and has 55 crew members. Other than that this yacht also comprises an indoor swimming pool, outdoor bars, spaces to have sunbath, and a helipad alongside a wide option for the watersports equipment. The estimated net worth is $250 million.

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By now after going through this article you have got a clear idea about the top 10 most expensive yachts in the world.       


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