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A good comic book’s purpose is to entertain its readers. The purpose of the comic book is to convey the message to its readers through texts and images. A comic book is simply amazing to lift your mood up and is definitely one of the best remedies for entertainment. The characters from the blockbusters movies like Marvel and DC which comprises superheroes and are worldwide famous have been inspired by some of the comic books. The rarity and the demand for the comic increase and depending on the popularity of the comic. The most expensive comic book was sold for a million dollars. If reading comic books is your thing then today we have selected the top 10 expensive comic books ever sold. If collecting comic books is one of your favorite hobbies then this article is definitely for you. You should definitely take a look at the world’s top 10 most expensive comic books that have ever been sold.

10. Marvel comics:

Marvel comics


 to begin with the top ten list we have got the Marvel comics. Through this comic series many superhero characters such as Human Torch and Namor the Sub Mariner. The first Marvel comic was released in October 1939. But today Marvel comics is better known as “Marvel”, and with immense popularity, it has become one of the best and biggest selling companies as well as the entertainment company of the world. But the actual fact is Marvel was not originally published by Marvel, it was actually sent to print by the Timely Comics who later went on to change their name to “Marvel comics”.  The estimated net worth is $ 350,000.

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9. Tales of Suspense: 

Tales of Suspense


this comic was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, this comic is famous all over worldwide because of introducing the famous superhero Iron Man to the world. The character of Iron man has seen few new upgrades since the time of his first appearance, and as of now, it looks a lot cooler than the previous version which was 1.0. The tale of Suspense was sold back in 2012 at the estimated net of $375,000, and why not. The immense popularity of Robert Downey Jr movies had a huge connection related to the popularity of the comic.

8. Flash comics:

Flash comics


 This most expensive comics definitely is a fantastic collection if the age is concerned and due to its commercial artists and the avid comic book collectors. The major collection of the best quality Golden Age Comics comes from this collection, and for being one of the best collections of the comic. In 2010 the Flash comics was sold as the second-largest expensive book ever sold and considering that time it was the second-largest comic book ever sold for a net worth of $450,000.

7.  X-Men:



 The debut appearances of the mutants were like Cyclops, Beast, and Magneto.  Since then X-Men went on to create multiple cartoon characters and even movies and gained huge popularity after their release, which in turn made X-Men adored and followed by millions of fans around the world. In 2012 the first version of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s “X Men”, was sold for $492,937. 

6. Batman:



 The first solo series of Batman featured the appearance of the two of the biggest enemies and arch-rivals whose names were the Joker & Catwoman. Since the time of its release, this comic series has become one of the handfuls of comics that were sold creating the history and went on to break the mark of $500,000. Back in 2013 one copy was sold for over a half-million dollars, and in turn making it one of the most expensive comics in the world. 

5. All-Star Comics:

All- Star Comics


 if you are a die heart fan of Wonder woman then this is a perfect choice according to your preference, as it makes the debut appearance of Wonder Woman. The comic focuses on the issues related to the Justice Society of America and apart from that it also features the origin story of the most powerful charter worldwide “Wonder Woman”. And in 2017, one of the copies was listed on eBay and was further sold at the cost of $936,223.

4. Detective Comics:

Detective Comics


 with this, we get into the list of the millions. To begin with, we have the detective comics, and it was the most expensive book which was sold in 2010. The estimated net worth is $1,075 million. The detective comic features the debut and the very first appearance of the superhero “Batman”. This comic was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and after its release, it went on to become one of the most expensive and famous comics. If you are a die heart comic lover then this one comic book is definitely your all-time favorite.  

3. Amazing Fantasy:

Amazing Fantasy


 The story of Amazing Fantasy dates back to 1962, and Steve Ditko and Stan Lee came together with their first appearance and they went on to create “Spiderman” this time. The Red Suited web-slinging superhero after its release became one of the most loved and cherished characters in the World. And apart from that it has also provided one of the best franchises of the movies which people are enjoying worldwide since 2002 on the big screen, and there is no surprise when the copy got sold for over a million dollars and for $1.1 million, and everything was because of its popularity.   

2. Action Comics:

Action comics


 this comic is the perfect example of how much importance value is placed on a CGC ranking. Because the difference of a half-point could have definitely increased the value of the book. Apart from that, it is just like the other expensive comic books of the world, but still, it falls at the first position due to its grade indicating that it’s the general condition. Moreover, it might also include some creases and folds on the pages, and even small scuffs on the cover which makes a difference. Despite all that, it was sold at a net worth of $1.5 million.

1. Action Comics: 

Action comics



with this, we come to the end of our list, and dominating the top of our list is the most expensive Action Comic. This comic features the debut of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuter’s historic superman. This comic is seen as the “holy grail”. The original comic was sold for just 10c back at the time of the release, but as of now, four copies have been sold for more than a million dollars. And in 2014, it was ranked at 9.0 CGC and the copies were sold for a massive collection of $3.2 million dollars, which made it the most expensive books in the world. 


We hope that after going through the entire article you have got a brief idea of the world’s top 10 most expensive comic books that are ever sold. And we hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and have gained a lot of information.

 It is definitely possible that even more expensive books have been released and are out there. If any new update comes in we will surely update the list to provide a better experience.

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