The Field of Dreams Game
was played on Thursday in Dyersville, Iowa, which served as the backdrop for the iconic film “Field of Dreams.”
Field of Dreams


Some magical moments occurred during the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox game from the previous season.
In a contested matchup on Thursday night, the Chicago Cubs took on the Cincinnati Reds.

Both before and during the game, there were many surprises planned.
Ken Griffey Jr., a Reds superstar, and hall of Famer started the pregame activities by catching his father, Ken Griffey Sr.
The famous father-and-son team entered through the cornfield.
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Here are the highlights from the event Field of Dreams Game on Thursday. Cincinnati Reds 2, Chicago Cubs 4

Ben Verlander, the host of the “Flippin’ Bats” podcast on FOX Sports, gave fans a tour of the Field of Dreams field to enable viewers to get a sense of the atmosphere. Verlander and his father performed the catch moment from “Field of Dreams” before the game.
Parker Smyly, the oldest child of Cubs starting pitcher Drew Smyly, celebrated her fifth birthday on Thursday at the Field of Dreams Game.
Some Reds players weren’t sure what to think at first about the game. But according to Ken Rosenthal, by the time they got to the stadium, they were “heated up.”

Tom Verducci and Cubs manager David Ross discussed the game’s significance. When Ross came to the field on Thursday, he remarked, “I felt like I wanted to sprint about.”
The late, great Vin Scully related baseball history to the well-known “If you build it, he will come” sequence from “Field of Dreams Game .”
In an interview with MLB on FOX before the Field of Dreams Game, Reds great Johnny Bench described it as a “beautiful moment.”

Joey Votto shared in several tweets on Wednesday how much the childhood classic “Field of Dreams” meant to him.
And how much he was looking forward to the game in Iowa.
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Then, on Thursday, Votto spoke with Ken Rosenthal and expressed his regret that his late father couldn’t attend.
The first pitch was thrown by Hall of Fame pitcher Fergie Jenkins of the Cubs, and it was caught by Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench of the Reds.

With an RBI double, Seiya Suzuki gave the Cubs the lead in the Field of Dreams Game. With an RBI single, Nico Hoerner helped the Cubs score another run. In the top of the first, the Cubs took a 3-0 lead after Ian Happ doubled in Hoerner.
During the second inning, Johnny Bench joined Joe Davis and John Smoltz in the broadcast booth. He described Thursday’s stroll to the field as “emotional.”
Willson Contreras, an All-Star catcher for the Cubs, rolled his ankle while rounding second base in the third inning and needed assistance leaving the field. He continued to play, nevertheless.

In the top of the third inning, Votto spoke with Davis and Smoltz while wearing a microphone. He discussed what it was like to face Hall of Fame pitchers and recalled facing Smoltz early in his career.
Votto, 38, also mentioned how long he might continue to play.
In the fourth, Nick Madrigal increased the Cubs’ advantage to 4-0.


Aristides Aquino of the Reds made a play that might have been the game’s best in rithe ght field. P.J. Higgins attempted to tag up from second and move to third but Aquino caught a fly ball and threw him out.

All-Star Cub As Happ was wearing a microphone on the field during the fourth inning, he joined Davis and Smoltz. He claimed that participating in the Field of Dreams Game brought back memories of his summer ball days.

With the use of this drone camera, we were able to see both the location where the “Field of Dreams Game” was recorded and the actual playing field quite clearly.
Pitcher Fergie Jenkins, a member of the Cubs Hall of Fame, joined Davis and Smoltz in the broadcast booth. And discussed his encounters with illustrious Red clubs of the 1970s.
Harry Caray, a former Cubs announcer, is the best person to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” when the Cubs are playing.


Matt Reynolds‘ two-run double in the bottom of the seventh inning, which made it 4-2 for the Cubs, gave the Reds their first run of the field of dreams game.

Have you ever wondered how a baseball field made out of a cornfield is prepared? Rosenthal related the tale of how everything came to be.
Thereafter, the Cubs completed the task by defeating their NL Central rivals 4-2 to win the game.
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