Mega Millions Jackpot grand prize has been raised to $790 Million. The lottery officials raised the prize for the players. This jackpot is the nation’s fourth largest jackpot.

Mega Millions
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The Mega Millions jackpot gradually increased from $20 million to $790 million:

Lottery officials raised the Mega Millions grand prize on Friday. The jackpot prize has increased to $790 million. This new prize of the nation’s fourth largest jackpot will give a shot to players.

Mega millions’ next drawing will be on Tuesday. There hasn’t been a winner of this jackpot for three months. After no ticket number matched all six numbers drawn the jackpot rolled again. Therefore, the jackpot prize has increased to this extent. The jackpot was started in April with $20 million. Later it has grown so big because there hasn’t been a winner in three months.

The 27 consecutive drawings by the players without matching all six numbers of any player. Allowed the Mega Million jackpot to gradually increase from $20 million to $790 million. The player who will take an annuity option, and will pay out in 30 annual payments. The highlighted pre-tax prize of $790 million will be given to that player only.

Mega Millions
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The Mega Millions jackpot is one of America’s two big jackpot games:

In the Mega Millions jackpot, most of the players choose the cash option for withdrawal. For Friday’s jackpot, the cash drawing would be $464.4 million. The Mega Million game is overseen by the State Lottery officials.

Mega Millions jackpot is played in 45 states of the United States. Including Washington, D.C. The game is also played in the Virgin Islands of the United States. The Mega Millions jackpot is one of America’s two big jackpot games.

Till now in any game, there have been only three lottery jackpots ever won. Two were Mega Million jackpots won in 2018 and 2021. The other one is of the Powerball jackpot won in 2016. As the Mega Millions jackpot is hard to catch, still there were millions of winners. In Friday night’s drawing, Four tickets matched five white balls and won the game’s second prize.

Mega Millions
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