Matthew McConaughey, Texas
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Oscar winner decided to challenge former candidate Greg Abbott in 2022 despite a vote of no confidence.
But NO !

Matthew McConaughey has decided not to run for the Texas governor.

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Matthew McConaughey  Oscar winner announced on his Instagram account on Sunday that the elected office was “the way I prefer not to do it right now” and that he wanted to focus on serving the people of his country in ways other than public service. office.

In a three-minute video, Matthew McConaughey  spoke on service values ​​and responsibilities as well as problems in domestic and national politics. He said that while “contemplating the intervention of the Texas governor,” he had come out “listening and reading, weighing and studying Texas politics and American politics,” in an attempt to understand the issues in order to decide on them. the best way he could serve.

The flow comes despite a observe by using Dallas Morning information this week that revealed that he could defeat Republican Greg Abbott with the aid of 8 points in a playoff sport, and that he could also defeat Beto O’Rourke, who represents the Democratic Alliance. in addition, a July poll by using the college of Texas, Tyler, suggested that forty four percentage of Texans might vote for Matthew McConaughey in a through-election as compared to best 35 percentage for Abbott, with fifty four percentage believing the nation was “on the incorrect song.”

Matthew McConaughey become dealing with a government-mandated closing date of December 13 to decide whether to run inside the race.

South African political analysts have additionally indicated that the actor is in a very good position to win. “Politicians will criticize him for not understanding wherein he stands,” Texas political adviser Keir Murray told THR in October. however for a person outdoor the actual international, there are sure advantages. it’s far a clean sail to attract a candidate, and it’s miles difficult to explain outside the gate – in contrast to Beto, who has a history of his positions. “