Matt Carpenter gets emotional while talking about his return to St. Louis. Matt quotes that my family is very excited by the news, especially my 5-year-old son.

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Matt Carpenter spends and plays with the Cardinals his entire career. On 2011 when he was making his debut in the major league, St. Louis won the World series the same year. Last year, he played with the Cardinals for the last time. When he tells his co-players about the return, they all are delighted.

When Matt Carpenter gets Emotional

Excuse me, Sorry, guys… – are the words of Matt Carpenter.
He was hiding his feelings and played the match for three days. But, Matt’s emotion outbroke when the question came about his family.

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He shares a funny story of his 5-year-old son, who is confused about whether his dad is still a Cardinal or a Yankee.

36-year-old Carpenter never wanted to leave. Again coming to the same place where he belongs is an emotional moment for him. Matt Carpenter still has a lot of special memories. Yankee is in St. Louis for a three-game series. His family is there to support him.

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What does Matt’s friend say?

Matt Carpenter friend and St. Louis pitcher Adam Wainwright said – He was 100% happy.
Matt was part of this team, he added. He also took responsibility for the team for a couple of years. Matt worked on his swing struggles. He can hold both bat and ball.

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