Manchester City beats Mexican side Club America by 2-1 in their opening pre-season match which was held in Houston, Texas, and became the defending Premier League Champions.

Manchester City vs Club America

Kevin De Bruyne who was an old reliable made two goals for Manchester City:

At NRG Stadium, Haaland was expected to make his most awaited debut this season but due to a minor injury, he was kept on the bench. His footage was captured on camera where he can be seen wearing a hoodie and sitting next to Ruben Dias who is not part of the matchday’s team. Everyone’s focus was on the new players but Kevin De Bruyne who was an old reliable made two goals for Manchester City.

The team captain for creating his own shot on the first goal pushed up from his attacking midfield position, then just before halftime he ran against the ball from Riyad Mahrez and hit the keeper. Julian Alvarez the former River Plate star, goalkeeper Stefan Ortega, and Kalvin Phillips were three Manchester City players who made their debuts this season. Kalvin Phillips began at middle back prior to moving into his preferred central midfield spot.

Manchester City vs Club America
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Manchester City’s Alvarez showcased his best by positioning his teammates up for shots:

Julian Alvarez was the middle ahead at the opening whistle but he didn’t get any good regards as Kevin De Bruyne declared the headlines with his trademark runs from the center of the field. On 23 July, at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Haaland’s debut could come as opposed to his former Bundesliga nemesis Bayern Munich.

It is mentioned on Club America‘s official site that “Next game he will be ready, he had niggles, we don’t want to take risks. Maybe against Bayern, we will see… The season is long, we will have time, don’t worry.” Alvarez showcased his best passing in the process by keeping the center-backs occupied and further bringing his teammates into the attack and positioning them up for shots.

Manchester City vs Club America

The match was played fairly and evenly but in the end, Manchester City won:

The field’s quality, the disorganized game that was presented, and the fact that it was the first pre-season match were not the kind of circumstances to let Argentine show off his various forms of talent but his 71 minutes were good. While depending on the type of the match he proved that he could play a better role in this team in 2022-23.

Something little happened in the rest of the match when Jack Grealish and Kevin De Bruyne stepped in the second half and later it became a display of academy players on both sides, but none of them were able to create a difference in the match. The final result was clear that the match was played fairly and evenly but in the end, Manchester City won.

Manchester City vs Club America
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