‘Star of the show’: Liz Cheney led the charge against Donald Trump

Since President Trump’s term ended, Liz Cheney has been working to ensure he never occupies the Oval office again.The US House Committee on Oversight and Reform concluded its fourth hearing on last year’s attack on the US Congress, and whether Donald Trump played a role in stoking it. The initial broadcasts culminated in a final primetime session on Thursday that explored what Donald Trump did during the riot.

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Liz Cheney says President Trump refuses to defend the nation and the Constitution. This investigation has had an adverse effect on Donald Trump’s approval ratings, motivated liberal fans about Liz Cheney, and even given Democrats a bump heading into November’s midterm elections.

Some people have been surprised that Liz Cheney is the one who helped rescue Democrats before the November election.


Rep. Liz Cheney on Jan. 6 committee

Liz Cheney was in the spotlight on the committee, which has already caused her to lose her position within Congress. It was easy for Cheney to join the committee because she had always believed Trump incited the riot.

Behind the scenes, Lizz Cheney made many of the decisions for the committee; deciding to focus exclusively on January 6th following a protracted fight over which Republicans would serve on it.

With the Trump administration facing massive political fallout and waning support, America’s Republican party is thinking about who will run for president in 2024.

A majority of those polled say they would vote for another candidate other than Trump, though opinions are split between supporters of his competitors. With the emergence of Liz Cheney, there will be a large field of Republican candidates vying for the nomination in 2024. They should all thank her because she made this possible.

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