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Lil Kim:-

Seems to continuously fall on 50 Cent’s trap, which results in him in numerous reactions related to each one of his shady posts. And this time it was nothing different because again during the early morning hours the rapper went on to post a video mocking Kim but deleted it. In the video, Kim was mocked because of the dance moves and was compared which further went into trolling. But as the video was viewed by many, some of them found it humorous, but Kim went on to conclude that the exhibiting signs of Fif’s are a creepy behavior.  Kim further went on to comment that how “obsessed” he’s come across. She even explained that “this one ain’t it” before she went on to prove that she has always been in his mind. She further went on to comment that “U falling off I’m too bad and too fly in this video u reaching now but we all know whyyyyy” she further wrote. She further wrote that “can we say obsessed with Kimmie much…. Keep ‘em coming boo boo let me know I’m on your brain 24/7 I love it.  

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Kim even suggested that she is a better memster than Fif’s as because the videos have “been out months ago”, she further went on to continue saying that “get off my pussy”, she even mentioned, “P.S. why do I feel like I’m in a lesbian quarrel didn’t know I had a girlfriend named Curtis… somebody crushing hard we’ll get thru this babes.” She further concluded by plugging her forthcoming memoir. 

This was the very first time when Fif’s had taken the aim at the Lil Kim in the past few months. Even her boyfriend Mr. Papers further went on to issue a warning to Fif even before Kim had left 50 Cent while hanging for a dinner date. 

She even took to Instagram to post, all the quarrels and the comments related to the video posted by 50 Cent. She went on to write a note after 50 Cent went on to post mocking Lil Kim. She gave quite a furious reaction to the post.