Brooks Koepka has intensively denied he would think about joining the breakaway, Saudi-backed LIV Golf series.

Brooks Koepka says he is not interested in going away from the PGA Tour:

“Money isn’t going to change my life,” Brooks Koepka said at the time with a distrustful smile. As recently as two weeks earlier, Brooks Koepka was still saying to his fellow mates he was not interested in going away from the PGA Tour.

Brooks Koepka

On Tuesday, Brooks Koepka rejected the opponent LIV Golf circuit, which will organize its second event, in outer Portland, Ore., which will begin on June 30.

There were most likely more than 100 million reasons for him to retrieve the course since other previous PGA Tour players such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and Bryson DeChambeau have reportedly collected nine-figure contracts to position with LIV Golf.

The new circuit promises a limited, narrow schedule that gives golfers more flexibility and provides no-cut tournaments in which every player is guaranteed a heavy payday.

But every player who joined the launch of the LIV Golf event outside London prior to this month was expelled by the PGA Tour, and future players to upcoming LIV Golf tournaments will be treated in the same way.

Brooks Koepka has been harmed and struggling for years:

Brooks Koepka’s statement is not a shock — he anticipated it with a sneering news conference at last week’s U.S. Open outer Boston — but it is another win for LIV Golf in its fight for reliability against the well-established PGA Tour. Abraham Ancer of Mexico, who is 31 years old and positioned 20th in the men’s world rankings, also performed in the LIV Golf series on Tuesday.

Brooks Koepka golf

Brooks Koepka, 32, who won four crucial championships between 2017 and 2019, has been harmed and struggling for years. His world ranking has gone down to No. 19 this week from No. 1 in 2019. In a bit of irony, ten days after DeChambeau, Koepka is joining LIV Golf. His longtime opponent switched his loyalty.

DeChambeau has also been diagnosed with health problems. Once seemed like a hard-swinging, expanded game-changing situation that fascinated younger fans with his brave length off the tee, DeChambeau has dropped down from fourth in the rankings to 30th.

He was reconsidered at last week’s U.S. Open, finishing tied for 56th. Koepka lost the cut at this year’s Masters Tournament and finished outside the top 50 at last month’s P.G.A. Championship and at last week’s U.S. Open.


Brooks Koepka’s exit provides another bit of unexpected momentum for LIV Golf:

But Koepka’s exit provides another interesting bit of unexpected incentive for LIV Golf, whose major shareholder is the Private Investment Fund, the supreme wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. Only six weeks back, there was nearly general harmony among the PGA Tour’s player ranks.

A significant majority of the best young players have stayed devoted to the PGA Tour. Scottie Scheffler, Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Collin Morikawa, and Justin Thomas — positioned first from fifth — declare their dedication to the PGA Tour weekly.

Brooks Koepka pga

Morikawa did it again Tuesday when he tweeted: “To state for the record, once again, you all are absolutely wrong. I’ve said it since February at Riviera that I’m here to stay on the PGA Tour and nothing has changed.”

But it is easy to wonder how many more new faces there might be in the field by June 30, when LIV Golf makes its first appearance in the United States. The full list of entrants is expected this week.

The pressure resumes boosting on the PGA Tour to respond to the reliable risk LIV Golf is facing. And Jay Monahan, the PGA Tour commissioner, has the structure of a plan to at least partially meet players fascinated with a narrower schedule and higher earnings.

In a players’ meeting on Tuesday, as per the numerous people who were present there, Monahan created an importantly revised PGA Tour schedule for next year that will showcase eight events with limited fields and no cuts and an enlarged contract of at least $20 million for the major 50 players from this year’s season-long FedEx Cup rankings.


Brooks Koepka says he will bolt to the LIV Golf series:

The people showed their views on the condition of obscurity as they were not authorized to showcase the details.

LIV Golf players would obviously be excluded. The payments for this year’s PGA Tour events expand widely, but an average total would be about $8.5 million.

The tour is also thinking of reducing the season that would give players more time off in the coming months, which in 2013-14 had a substantial increase in the tournaments. That expansion has been largely unpopular with several players.

Brooks Koepka LIV tour

The PGA Tour’s latest plan could arise from the trend of rebels leaving its once calm nest.

Or, the tour could consume the loss of some players, and with all the corporate sponsors and tradition it has in its corner, arrives with a majority of golfers who remain. It still holds the most beneficial cards, not the least of which being that the LIV Golf circuit still has no conventional TV contract for its events.

It is virtually impossible to be a viable sports entertainment option without one.

Maybe the two golf tours will synchronize, at least for some time. Golf is one of our more uncertain sports. Perhaps more change is coming. Nothing seems a constant lately in golf.

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