Knott’s Berry Farm increasing its security due to the fighting that took place on Saturday night, now onwards the park will be closed three hours early and will send visitors away.

Knott's Berry Farm

At Knott’s Berry Farm teenagers were fighting and punching each other:

As teenagers were punching and fighting with each other at Knott’s Berry Farm, some of their fightings was captured on a video, and later it was posted on social media. As the fight took place, visitors panicked and ran away from the park for their safety. On TikTok, a random person shared that she didn’t know why teenagers were punching random visitors in the park, she further added that she got scared as many children were crying.

Sean Doran, Orange Fire Authority Captain said, two people got injured in the fight and later were taken to the hospital by paramedics, and a third person had a small injury he was assessed by paramedics. Buena Park Police received several calls on 911 reporting gunfire, but when the officers reached the scene they found that no shots had been fired.

Knott's Berry Farm
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The visitors will be provided security by the police officers at the Knott’s Berry Farm:

The Knott’s Berry Farm park officials said that they shared the footage of the fighting, and the relevant information with the Buena Park Police Department, the visitors will be provided the security, and also the police officers will be present at the park.

The park officials said in their statement that “The safety of Knott’s Berry Farm’s guests and associates is always our top priority, the decision was made to close the park three hours early due to unruly behavior and altercations involving a number of teenagers. This behavior did not align with our park’s values, and was not the experience we want any guest to have while visiting Knott’s Berry Farm.”

Knott's Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm got reopened on Sunday by the park officials:

Knott’s Berry Farm was reopened on Sunday, at the entrance, visitors’ bags, backpacks, and also their personal items were searched. Allied Universal Event Services, security personnel used handheld metal detectors, while others who didn’t carry any bags or backpacks proceeded through metal detectors. Park staff were roaming inside the park while wearing yellow shirts and security guards were also keeping an eye on the visitors.

In the videos, it is shown that a young man punched a teenager as he lay on the ground, and a security guard lay on the ground. One woman told the news channel that she saw some people hitting security and one person is bleeding on the floor. It was looking like a riot she added.

Knott's Berry Farm
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