Kevin Jonas bio and Introduction

Paul Kevin Jonas II, popularly known as Kevin Jonas, is a world-famous American musician. He rose to prominence and come in limelight with the highly successful and ever-changing pop-rock Music band ‘Jonas Brothers’ alongside two of his brothers, Joe and Nick Jonas. Kevin is the band’s lead guitarist, also sings backup music vocals as well as plays the mandolin.

The Jonas brothers intend to release a biography titled ‘Blood’ soon. Kevin and his brothers published their first debut music studio album, ‘It’s About Time,’ in 2006, unfortunately, this music album response from revivers was a commercial flop.

Subsequently, Their self-titled second studio album ‘Jonas Brothers’ was launched in 2007 and quickly became a big hit. This hit became a way for Kevin Because after this hit the group expanded into the music worlds of film and television.

Danielle and Kevin Jonas

With the pop group temporarily on after small hiatus, Kevin Jonas starred in his own reality show ‘Married to Jonas,’ with his new wife Danielle in 2012. He also appeared on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ in 2014.

He also intrested in Property so founded ‘JonasWerner’ a property development company and is also a co-CEO of ‘The Blu Market’ which controls communication channels for social-media influencers.

Kevin Jonas Family and Early Life

Kevin Jonas was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, and his date of birth is November 5, 1987. He grew up in the surrounding township of Wyckoff. His parents are Denise Marie Miller his mother also was a singer who also taught sign language.

His father Paul Kevin Jonas Sr is also a musician and songwriter as well as a former preacher and ordained minister. Kevin has three younger brothers whose names and birth years are: Joe Jonas born in years-1989, Nick Jonas born in year-1992, and Frankie Jonas born in year-2000.

Kevin Jonas Ethnicity, Full Name

Full NamePaul Kevin Jonas II 
Birthday/ Date of Birth November 5, 1987
Father/DadKevin Jonas, Sr.
MotherDenise Miller-Jonas
BrotherJoe Jonas, Nick Jonas
EthnicityEnglish, German and Scottish

Kevin Jonas Education

He went to Eastern Christian High School in New Jersey, USA for early education. However, after his second year in high school, He decided to choose to homeschool with his other brothers.

Kevin Jonas Career

Kevin Jonas Movies And TV Shows

Steve Greenberg the president of ‘Columbia Records’ listened to a music recording made by Kevin Jonas’s younger brother Nick in early 2005. Greenberg was impressed by Nick’s voice and then decided to sign the three as a music group act after having heard a track sung by all three brothers. The fantastic brother group eventually decided on the name ‘Jonas Brothers’ as the brand name.

The band’s musical debut album with the title ‘It’s About Time,’ was available in limited quantities on August 8, 2006. ‘Sony channel seemed completely disinterested in promoting the brother’s band music debut Kevin as well as his brothers decided to switch labels.

Subsequncialy In February 2007, the brother’s group signed a deal with Hollywood Records. Around the same time, the pop group began to appear in commercial breaks, singing the “Baby Bottle Pops” jingle. Because of this media attention, the band’s second album, ‘Jonas Brothers,’ which was launched on August 7, 2007, reached the fifth spot on the ‘Billboard’ chart. After one year later the music band’s third album released titled ‘A Little Bit Longer,’ debuted at number one on the charts.

‘Lines, Vines, and Trying Times,’ the brothers’ fourth new album, was released in June 2009. With nearly a quarter-million copies sold, this soundtrack also topped the ‘Billboard 200.’

The ‘Jonas Brothers announced on May 1, 2012, that they had split from their record company, ‘Hollywood Records,’ and purchased the rights to their music. The band was suspended. After more than 5 years apart, the brothers declared their reunion on February 28, 2019.

Kevin and his brothers sought publicity across all media platforms throughout their musical careers. subsequently, In 2007, their music band appeared on the world-famous Disney Channel in an episode of Hannah Montana called “Me as well as Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas” The episode got a prositive response with a record 10.7 million viewers, as well as know as it the most-watched sequence episode on basic cable.

Kevin and his brothers as well appeared in ‘Camp Rock,’ a ‘Disney Channel TV movie in which Kevin played Jason, the lead guitarist of the band ‘Connect 3.’ The soundtrack to the movie arrived in June 2008, and Kevin as well as his brothers returned in the sequel, ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam,’ which debuted in September 2010.

‘Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream,’ which aired on the ‘Disney Channel,’ was a short reality series that documented the brothers’ ‘Look Me in the Eyes Tour.’ It debuted on May 16, 2008. The season finale, which focused on the band’s ‘2009 World Tour’ in Europe, premiered in March 2010.

Kevin, Joe, Nick, as well as their own youngest brother, Frankie, also appeared in the ‘Disney Channel Original Series’ titled ‘Jonas,’ which aired between 2009 and 2010, and followed the brother’s group as they fell relaxed , At their home in Los Angeles in summer months.

Kevin Jonas also had his own ‘E!’ reality show with his wife, Danielle. The series, which debuted in August 2012, was a fly-on-the-wall documentary about just the youthful couple’s home life as well as the band’s efforts to put together a fifth studio album.

Kevin also appeared on the seventh season of the famous Celebrity Apprentice show in 2014. In the second episode, he was eliminated. He also made a cameo public persona in a 2014 episode of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey,’ working as a building contractor and overseeing the construction of a “housewife’s” home.

Kevin Jonas business of construction company

Kevin Jonas co-founded the construction company ‘Jonas Werner after the ‘Jonas Brothers went on hiatus in 2013. He additionally became the co-CEO of ‘The Blu Market,’ which handles social media influencer communications.

Kevin and his brothers declared a ‘Jonas Brothers’ comeback on social media on February 28, 2019. They launched a surprise new music single ‘Sucker,’ while appearing as a special guest on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ for a week. The song debuted at the top of the ‘Billboard Hot 100.’ They launched their fifth album, ‘Happiness Begins,’ in June of that year. The album was a huge success, debuting at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

In the video game ‘Night at the Gallery: Battle of the Smithsonian,’ he provided the voice of ‘Cherub.’

The brothers’ latest single, “Who’s in Your Head,” was released in September 2021. Critics praised the song, with Mikael Melo of ET Canada calling it “a BOP.” The group announced in January 2023 that their new album, ‘The Album,’ would be released in May 2023.

Kevin Jonas Net Worth

Kevin Jonas’s net worth seems to be $40 million as of 2023. As per the celebrity net worth website. Kevin Jonas, along with his genuine brothers Joe and Nick Jonas, is best known as a member of something like the rock band the Jonas Brothers.

Kevin Jonas Personal Life

Kevin Jonas Dating History

Kevin Jonas Wife and Kids

Kevin Jonas and his lovely wife, Danielle Deleasa, have two daughters and live in New Jersey. Danielle is a former Ryan Rodgers Redken Ambassador hairdresser, and the couple married on December 19, 2009, at Oheka Castle, with his bros Joe and Nick serving as best men. In May 2007, the couple met while on vacation with their family members in the Bahamas. Their first baby was born on February 2, 2014, and their second on October 27, 2016.

Kevin Jonas Age, Height, Weight

Age35 years
Height1.75 m
Weight138 lbs
Body Measurement38-12-32 Inches
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown 


Question: What happened to Kevin Jonas?

Answer: After splitting from the Jonas Brothers in 2013, he established Jonas Werner, a real estate development and construction company, and is the co-CEO of The Blu Market, a company that deals with communication systems and planning processes for social media influencers.

Question: Is Kevin Jonas in a relationship?

Answer: Kevin and Danielle will celebrate ten years of marriage on December 19, 2019. Kevin celebrated his wife’s 10th wedding anniversary with an Instagram post.

Question: How did Kevin Jonas meet his wife?

Answer: Kevin and Danielle met in May 2007 while on separate family vacations in the Bahamas with their daughters Alena, 6, as well as Valentina, 4. Danielle happened to be a hairdresser through Denville, New Jersey, about 30 minutes away out from the Jonas Brothers’ hometown of Wyckoff.

Question: Did Nick Jonas meet Priyanka Chopra?

Answer: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Jonas began communicating in 2016, and they met in February 2017. They started a relationship in May 2018, decided to get married in July, and wedded on December 1, 2018. Malti Marie, their first child, was born via surrogacy arrangement in January 2022.

Question: When did the Jonas Brothers break up?

Answer: On October 29, 2013, the Jonas Brothers officially confirmed their breakup, breaking hearts all over the world.

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