Judge released verdict on Jonny Depp and Amber Herd’s defamation lawsuit appeal

Jonny Depp and Amber Herd’s

After the three attempts for the dismissing of her ex-husband, actor Jonny Depp, and the defamation lawsuit. The judge presided over the case and has further released the verdict regarding the repeated appeals made by Amber Heard. Herd’s allegations regarding the lawsuit over the domestic abuse are further set for a trial next year in Fairfax County in Virginia. The 58 years old Pirates of Caribbean star, had launched a $50 million defamation suit against his ex-wife and his co-star in “The Rum Diary”. Prior to that Amber Herd, later on, published an Op-Ed in 2018 Washington post and went on to give details about her life saying that she has been living a life in abusive domestic violence. The alleged claims which Herd made in her article will see the result in 2022 after following a trial with Judge Penney Azcarate. 

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It is the Judge who has been repeatedly dismissed Amber Herd’s lawyers and furthermore attempts at throwing the case out of court, and that will again give a chance to Jonny Depp and his lawyer, and will they will once again get the permission and allowance to challenge the claims made by Herd. The libel lawsuit was completed last year after the appeal of Depp’s challenge and the decision that was taken by the judge Andrew Nicol was further dismissed. The testimonies were offered by both Depp and Heard in a libel case that was based on The sun labeling the caption Jack Sparrow actor was said “wife-beater”.  Despite the fact that the specific trial was wrapped up but that didn’t stop Depp’s favorite supporters from repeatedly causing the trends like #JusticeforJonyDepp and #FireAmberHerd to take them on a trend to Social Media. As of now the reports provided by the Courthouse News Service, and the attempts made by Amber Herd for getting the Virginia Supreme court involved in Judge Penney Azcarate’s decision for the dismissal of her appeals have been further proven too fruitless. The reason behind the repeated dismissal made by the Judge is based on the fact of the libel suit in the United Kingdom and has been placed under completely different circumstances, and is hence tried in a different court apart from the one the defamation one is being filed on. 

Herd challenges as of now have been three, which is the detailed result of Jonny Depp’s label trial- that the allegations of Herd being a victim of domestic violence has been further proven substantially true and the attempts made by Depp at the defamation case is based upon his opposition to her being labeled as the survivor of Domestic Violence. The case is now been put further to court in 2022, in another ruling court which is also required as per Depp’s claim and furthermore Amber Herd is there to provide the evidence that she has made a $7 million donation for the divorce settlement to the (ACLU) American Civil Liberties Union after all the claims in the testimonies which she has said.          

Source:- Inside the magic

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