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D C young fly is known as an American rapper, actor, host, comedian, song writer and an internet personality.


D C young fly is best known for his “roasting seasons” videos on Instagram and Vine. He got popular through his stage name and fame for being a true entertainer, whether it is hosting, singing, acting or even telling jokes. John Whitfield is a total entertainment package. D C Young Fly has appeared in several movies and TV shows His struggle has made him where he is today, D C Young’s story truly is an aspiration for many as through his hard work and dedication he has earned a name for himself. DC is truly a role model for all the Black aspiring creatives to step their foot forward and turn their dreams into reality. Today in this article we will be discussing this young man’s story and his achievements. Here is everything you need to know about the superstar “D C Young fly.”

  1. Who is DC Young Fly?

D C young fly is an American rapper, actor, songwriter, social media personality, comedian, and television host. His full name is John Whitfield and people are quite popular with his stage name DC Young fly. DC Young Fly is a star from Atlanta Georgia, in the USA. DC Young Fly had earned his fame through the “roasting videos” which he posted in social media platforms. Through these videos, DC earned a huge amount of respect, and other than that he got work with famous personalities such as Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Lebron James, and Michel Blackson. And as of now, he is one of the recurring members of the MTV Show “wild and out”.

The real name of DC Young fly?

dc young fly net worth Biography

D C young fly is the real name of DC Young Fly, he is a popular rapper, singer and a songwriter, actor, and a comedian. He is originally known by John Whitfield and his stage name is DC Young fly.

dc young fly Early life, family:

dc young fly net worth biography

D C young fly AKA DC Young Fly was born in Atlanta Georgia. He was raised in west Atlanta which is a neighborhood of Adamsville resulting in a neighborhood with a very high number of crime rates. He had faced a very dark childhood as he was involved in various drugs related activities since a very young age of 13. He has six siblings and Other than that he had also faced a very big tragedy back in 2006 when his parents divorced at that time D C was just fourteen and there were other two tragedies which took place in his early life. At first his brother was murdered in 2011, and prior to that two years later his father whose name was Solomon Whitfield died after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for a longer period of time. Through these tragic events you can feel how tough it must have been for D C Young to spend his early life. There is one amazing fact about D C Young is that the tattoo which he has on his forehead is dedicated to his brother. Following his murder this shows that how much he loved his brother and then he dedicated himself into the career of rapping and music on the honor of his brother.

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Educational Qualification of D C young fly:

Regarding his educational qualifications, dc young fly attended Benjamin E. Maya High School in Atlanta. His school life was not as beautiful as you think, because he was considered a class clown by his teachers. He was not good at studies but though his teachers considered him a class clown but he was quite famous and got respect from his peers and seniors for his comic antics. For his further educational qualifications, he went to Armstrong University.

Career beginnings of DC young:-

dc young fly net worth Biography

D C young fly was not at studies but his good comic antics paved a way to build up his career, through his comic antics he was quite famous among his peers and his seniors. Later he started posting videos related to roasting on the Vine platform since 2013 where he featured himself in the videos. In his videos, DC used to roast celebrities which helped him to gain a huge amount of popularity. This fame helped him build a rapping career for himself. In 2014 he gave his fans a treat when he released his debut song named “Westside Connections”. And moving on further DC kept on releasing more songs named M.A.P., “Right now” and “No Weed”. These singles were a hit and again in 2017 he released two albums naming “The 85 South life Variety show” and “supplyin pressure”. DC had made a huge name for himself through releasing singles and songs. The love for his comedy continued and he started appearing in Television shows. To shape his comic career he joined MTV channel’s comedy series “Nick Cannon Presents: wild N out”, in the following year of 2017, he also became the official host of the popular TRL series in MTV channel. Other than

DC Young Fly Movies:

The famous comedian has made a huge name for himself through his YouTube channel. Not just that he even appeared in a handful of Television Shows. Other than that dc young fly had even proved his acting skills by appearing in movies such as House Party, She Ball released in 2020, Almost Christmas released in 2016 where he played the role of Eric, Dirty South House Arrest where he played the role of Fly, Armed where he played the role of G. Money, The Trap released in 2019 where he appeared in the role of Goo and he even appeared in How High 2 released in 2019 where he appeared as Calvin. 

D C young fly and his sense of comedy and his talent towards acting is a clear proof that most of his movies are based on the comic genre.

dc young fly net worth:-

By now you must have got a clear idea of how talented is D C Young, He is a multi-talented person which has helped him to earn a name in the entertainment industry. This career as a media sensation began back in 2013. DC has a huge source of income through his youtube channel where he has 14 million views and 221,000 subscribers, television shows and by appearing in movies. Through this he has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2021. Other than this he makes a lot of money through the live concerts. It is not a wonder that he really spends a very lavish lifestyle.

Awards and achievements of DC Young fly:

 His movies and his net worth has earned him an award for himself. Throughout his career life, DC Young was awarded with the Greg street 2016 BET Hip-Hop award. 

DC Young fly and his relationship and kids:

This dc young fly man is not married yet but he is in a relationship with Jacky Oh and both the love birds are committed towards each other. The couple met each other in the hotel, on the sets of a show called “wild N’ out’ ‘ back in 2015. DC Young’s girlfriend is a popular social media sensation, model, actress, and entrepreneur. Jacky Oh is also a YouTuber where she keeps on posting fashion blogs, hauls and has a huge number of subscribers. Other than that she even has a cosmetics line consisting of lip gloss with the name of J Nova. The couple is blessed with two sweet daughters called Nova Whitfield who was born in 2016 and Nala Whitfield. The love birds are one of the most talked-about celebs in the entertainment industry and DC Young is lucky enough to be blessed with such a loyal and supporting woman. Other than that both these love birds are also seen in the videos of DC’s youtube channel.

What is the age of DC Young?

As of 2021, the age of D C young fly is 29 years old. He was born on 2nd May 1992 in Atlanta Georgia, United States. 

DC Young and his social media:

dc young fly net worth is a social media sensation, he rose to fame through youtube. DC is thoroughly active in social media sites. His Instagram account has a huge fan following and has nearly 10.6 million followers, other than that DC is also available in Twitter which has around 250,000 followers.

Some of the amazing facts about D C young fly:

  • DC began his career as a comedian by roasting videos featuring himself on the social media app Vine.

  • DC is also a part of 85 South Comedy Group,

  • Juggling with different roles in his career, he is also a loving father who is blessed with two beautiful daughters.

  • DC has some cool tattoos all over his body but he has a tattoo on the center of his eyebrows called “DC” which represents brotherhood, and in the memory of his brother.

  • DC faced a very dark childhood and has seen two big tragedies when his father passed away in 2013 and in 2011 his brother passed away after which he dedicated himself in the career of rapping and singing.

  • DC is a great and wonderful actor, other than music he has also appeared in movies. 

  • He is frequently active in social media accounts.

  • He has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

  • DC stands 5’ 11” inches tall and weighs around 75 kgs. 

  • His religion is Christianity. 




D C young fly is an entertainer and an artist who rose to fame through roasting videos. His nationality is American and his estimated net worth is $3 million.


Question:-What is the real name of D C Young Fly?
Answer:-the real name of D C Young fly is John Whitfield.
Question:-Who is the wife of DC Young?
Answer:-Jacky Oh is the girlfriend of DC young the couple is officially not married but they have been dating each other since 2015.
Question:- How many kids do DC Young have?
Answer:- He has 2 daughters. Naming Nova and Nala.

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