President Joe Biden is “fine,” after drop-off his bike Saturday throughout a ride in a state park close to his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a White House official aforesaid.

Joe Biden fall off

Joe Biden was traveling at some speed toward a turn before he braked:

The 79-year-old president, flanked by US Secret Service agents, was traveling at some speed toward a flip before he braked to talk to a crowd wish him “Happy Father’s Day” and tipped over.

Joe Biden
President Joe Biden waves as he rides a bicycle in Gordon’s Pond State Park in Rehoboth Beach, Del., Sunday, March 20, 2022. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

No medical attention is required, the official value-added during a statement released to reporters traveling with the President.

Dr. Jill Biden had already created the turn and missed her husband’s fall. “As the President aforesaid, his foot got caught on the pedal whereas dismounting and he’s fine. No medical attention is required.

The President appearance forward to spending the rest of the day along with his family,” the official aforesaid.


President Joe Biden deviated from the group as he biked over to a crowd that had gathered:

Joe Biden took a tumble when he was finishing a motorcycle ride alongside 1st lady Jill Biden. The President deviated from the group as he biked over to a crowd that had gathered close.

Joe Biden with crowd

Joe Biden came to a stop and seemed to get his foot caught on the pedal whereas making an attempt to dismount.

“I got my foot caught” on the toe cage, Biden told reporters traveling with him later. “I’m good.”

US Secret Service agents quickly helped the President up once his fall.

The crowd clapped when the President, who turns eighty in November, came to his feet. Biden then chatted with the group for several minutes, bringing one onlooker over to satisfy his dog Commander.


Joe Biden briefly engaged with reporters:

Asked by a toddler within the crowd what it absolutely wished to run the country, Joe Biden joked, “Oh, it’s like every alternative job.”

“Some components are straightforward, some components are exhausting,” he added.

He in short engaged with reporters. Asked if he’s happy with progress on gun legislation, Joe Biden said: “In Delaware, I am. Did you see what they did in Delaware? Passed an assault weapons ban. They did what I did years past. however, I’m pleased with the progress.”

Joe Biden fall off his bike

Joe Biden, sporting bright blue shoes, a gray T-shirt, navy shorts, and a white helmet, came on his bike. “Alright guys, see you,” he said.

Joe Biden and his family is spending the long weekend at their place Rehoboth Beach, partially to celebrate their forty-fifth anniversary.