Jodie Fletcher
Jodie Fletcher_@thebiographypen

Jodie Fletcher Now Introduction

Jodie Fletcher is the daughter of retired NFL player Terrell Fletcher. And her mother Sheree Zampino is an entrepreneur and an actress by profession.

She is a famous celebrity kid, But unfortunately due to certain circumstances, her parents have separated.

As of now, Jodie Fletcher is living with her mother. And her father is currently serving as a senior pastor at the city of Hope International Church.

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This article is about the little girl and about her lifestyle.

And her parents who are famous personalities in front of the media.

If you think of what stardom is since birth then Jodie Fletcher has perfectly lived the life of a star kid.

Born to Terrell Fletcher and Sheree Zampino, Jodie has lived the life of a star kid whom you call a celebrity by birth.

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She is quite young and has not been in the limelight like her parents. But she is lucky enough as she receives love from all sides.

She is a cute little girl and few pictures are available of this little girl on the internet.  

Jodie Fletcher Full Biography
Jodie Fletcher_@thebiographypen

Jody Fletcher San diego Early Life

She was born in the United States. And her birth year is 2009 but her exact birth date is not known.As of 2022, her age is 13 and she is the only child of her parents.

She is famous as a celebrity daughter as her father is a retired NFL player and her mother is an entrepreneur. Few details are available related to her life.

Little Fletcher was born immediately after her parent’s marriage back in 2007.

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Terrell Fletcher Siblings

Jodie Fletcher is the only child of her parents.

But talking about her siblings Trey Smith is her half-brother and her only sibling.

Trey Smith was born to Jodie’s mother way back in 1992 and currently, Trey is in his late twenties.

He is doing well in his acting career, and both of them lived separate lives.

Though they both are half-siblings, both of them share a very healthy relationship with each other. 

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Jodie Fletcher’s Education

Not much information about this star kid’s qualifications. But it can assume that Jodie is currently in school and is doing her studies.

The location of her school’s address and the name of her school is not mentioned anywhere.As both of her parents think that it is good enough to keep her life out of the media as of now.  

Jodie Fletcher Full Biography

Jodies Fletcher’s Career:

Regarding the career of Jodie Fletcher, it is still not publicly known in which field she is going to build up her career.

She is a very young girl and is currently focusing on her education, and is busy exploring her life.

She is a little girl and it is quite obvious that she is currently spending her life in schooling and educational activities.

Besides this, her parents think that it is the best time to keep Jodie away from the limelight. So it is yet to be decided which career path Jodie will choose. 

Besides being born into such a family of celebrities it will not be hidden regarding her career when she grows up.  

Other than that she had made a few appearances on the Red carpet at a very young age in front of the media alongside her parents.

But we believe that she will surely shine like her parents when she decides to build her career. 

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Jodie Fletcher’s Net Worth

Jodie Fletcher is a little girl and is very young, who does not have a career as of now as we have mentioned earlier.

She is currently pursuing her studies. And this is the result we cannot give any information regarding her net worth.

But we can clearly say that this little girl spends a very lavish life, as she is the daughter of famous celebrities which helps her to make ends meet.

On the other hand, her mother’s net worth is $6 million dollars and her retired NFL player Terrell Fletcher has an estimated net worth of $6 million dollars.

Though Jodie is not into any profession, you can definitely understand that and can clearly get an idea of how lavish life Jodie Fletcher.

She must be spending a great life, like most of the other celebrity kids.

Jodie Fletcher full biography

Jodie Fletcher Personal Life

Jodie Fletcher father and Mother

As Jodie Fletcher is a famous celebrity kid, we will be discussing a little about her parents in this article.

Talking about her mother is Sheree Zampino an entrepreneur who runs an online store boutique that contains items related to women.

Zampino is also an actress by profession, but that did not earn her much popularity.

She came into the limelight after tying the knot with famous Hollywood actor and singer Will Smith.

This beautiful lady is currently 51 years old and she is even spotted at the parties held by Will Smith even after their separation.

They even have a son together. She got a divorce from her first husband back in 1995 .

And then back in 2007 she tied the knot with her second husband Terrell Fletcher.

Jodie Fletcher is her only daughter with her second husband. Moreover, she is active on social media.

Talking about Jodie’s father he was a popular football player, and as of now, he is 46 years old.

He played for the San Diego Chargers for a long period of 8 years.

After his retirement, he dedicated his life as an oriented Bishop.

After his divorce from Jodie’s mother, he tied the knot with Kavalya Fletcher and as of now.

He is living peacefully with his new wife and his new family. 

Jodie Fletcher’s Body Measurement

This little girl’s body measurements are not available.But she has a beautiful pair of black eyes and luscious hair with glamorous skin.No wonder it’s because of her genes. Her nationality is American and she holds a mixed ethnicity comprising both African and American.

Jodie Fletcher Facebook/Instagram

Being such a little child Jodie Fletcher is absent from social media sites including Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile on the other hand her mother has a huge fan following on her social media accounts.

And Sheree Zampio loves to share pictures of her cute little daughter to keep updated her fans about Jodie’s life. 

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Jodie Fletcher full biography pen

Some Lesser Known Facts About Jodie Fletcher:

  • She is the only child of her parents. Both her parents are celebrities, Although her father is a retired and popular football player. And her mother is an entrepreneur by profession.
  • Jodie’s exact date of birth is not known publicly it is even estimated that she was born after her parents’ marriage back in 2007.
    s of now her current age of 10 to 13 years.
  • She is the only daughter of her parents but she has a half-brother whose name is Trey Smith, both of them share a healthy relationship.
  • Jodie stays away from the limelight and even her school’s name and location are not disclosed publicly.
  • She is currently pursuing her education and is yet to build a career.
    Simultaneously, spends a lavish life because she is lucky enough to be blessed with celebrity parents.
  • Her parents broke their seven-year-long marriage and currently, Jodie is living with her mother.


Through this article, we hope that you have got a clear idea about Terrell Fletcher and Sheree Zampio’s only daughter Jodie Fletcher.

Jodie is a celebrity kid who is so lucky that she is famous since the time of her birth.

Certainly, She is a clear example of someone who is born with a golden spoon in her mouth.

Currently she is away from the limelight. However, she has made a few public appearances with her celebrity parents on the Red Carpet.

Thus, she is currently pursuing her studies and is not into any profession.

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How old is Jodie Fletcher?

The exact Date of birth is not known but it is estimated that she was born back in 2007. Just after her parent’s marriage.

Where was Jodie Fletcher born?

She was born and raised in the United States of America and is currently living with her mother after her parent’s separation.

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