Jay-Z Real Name

Jay-Z real name is Shawn Corey Carter comes at no.3 among the richest singers in the world with his highest earnings. He is an American rapper and entrepreneur. Jay-Z is one of the most successful rappers in the industry.


Eminem Jay Z Introduction

American rapper and entrepreneur, Shawn Corey Carter, better known by his stage name Jay-Z, is one of the biggest names in ‘Rap’ and in the genre of hip-hop. He is not only one of the most successful rappers but also a successful entrepreneur, who owns an entertainment company named ‘Roc Nation’. His albums have approximately sold over 50 million copies globally and he has received a number of awards.

Many of his albums have time and again charted popular countdowns including the famous ‘Billboard 200’. His large catalog of music speaks volumes about his hard work and ruthless, aspiring quality. As an entrepreneur, he owns the 40/40 Club, Def Jam Records, Roc Nation Sports, and Roc-A-Fella and he is also a qualified NBA sports representative. Recently, Jay-Z was ranked as one of the most successful artists of the millennium and was also placed next to the likes of iconic rappers including 50 Cent, Nelly, and Eminem.

Most of his works reflect bits and pieces of his troubled, drug-ridden childhood. Despite coming from a very run-of-the-mill background, Jay-Z is a millionaire artist today and continues to mesmerize fans with his enchanting records. Work aside, he has been extremely reserved about his private life and also managed to keep his relationship with singer/actress Beyonce Knowles under wraps. He is currently married to her and the couple has a daughter.[1]


Early Life

Jay-Z Age

  • Shawn Corey Carter was born to Gloria Carter and Andes Reeves, in Brooklyn, New York City. He is the last of the four children born to the couple. When he was only 11 years old, his father abandoned the family and he was independently raised by his mother. as of 2022 his age is 53 years old.

Jay-Z Family

The family lived in the drug-infested ‘Marcy Projects’, where violence and gun culture were also prevalent. It was in this sort of a neighborhood that he was also raised.
He soon became a crack cocaine dealer and also imbibed the gun culture that was so popular in his neighborhood at the time; so much so, that he shot his elder brother in the shoulder for pocketing his jewelry.


Jay-Z Education

He studied at George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School, Eli Whitney High School, and Trenton Central High School. Here, he was classmates with future performers, Busta Rhymes, and The Notorious B.I.G.

His interest in music was sparked from very early on when he received a boom box for his birthday from his mother. He began free styling, scripting lyrics, and tailed the music by many popular artists of the time.

In 1989, he joined the rapper, Jaz-O, who became his guru and taught him the basics of rapping. In order to pay homage to his mentor, he permanently changed his name to Jay-Z, since he was known as ‘Jazzy’ in his neighborhood.[2]


Jay-Z Career

Jay-Z Albums

  • Even though he remained unidentified for a small part of his early career, he soon rose to fame with his collaborations with Kareem Burke and Damon Dash. The trio then founded their own autonomous record label, ‘Roc-A-Fella Records’
  • He released his debut album, ‘Reasonable Doubt’ in 1996. Although it was not received well by the audience, it is widely considered one of the greatest albums of all time, featuring singles such as ‘Can’t Knock the Hustle’ and ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’.
  • In 1998, he achieved even bigger success with the album, ‘Vol.2… Hard Knock Life. The title track of the album ‘Hard Knock Life’ is considered Jay-Z’s most successful commercial single to date. This marked the advent of his fame and longevity in the world of music.
  • In 1999, he released, ‘Vol.3… Life and Times of S. Carter’, which once again proved to be a successful record. In the new millennium, he released ‘The Dynasty: Roc La Familia’, which was originally supposed to feature a number of artists but ended up featuring only Jay-Z. The same year, he founded the clothing line, ‘Rocawear’.

Blueprint Jay Z

  • From 2001 to 2005, he sold millions of copies of his famous records including ‘The Blueprint’, ‘The Blueprint2: The Gift & the Curse’, and ‘The Black Album’.
  • During this time, he announced that he would be taking a break from the music industry. He also gave a performance at the Madison Square Garden and was named ‘President’ of ‘Def Jam Records.
  • He also opened a chain of sports bars and lounges called ’40/40 Club’, which was named in accordance with baseball terminology.
  • In 2005, he promoted New York’s Power 105.1 annual concert, ‘Powerhouse’. The following year, he returned with the album, ‘Kingdom Come’, one of the singles of which was leaked much before the release of the album causing much controversy.
  • In 2006, he took over the urban clothing brand, ‘Rocawear’, which he later sold to the Iconix Brand Group for a whopping $204 million.
  • He released his 10th album, ‘American Gangster’, selling one million copies in the United States alone, in 2007. The following year, he resigned from the position of ‘President’ of Def Jam Records.
  • Through 2008, he promoted a number of music festivals including the O2 Wireless Festival, the Hove Festival, and the Roskilde Festival. The next year, he left Def Jam and signed a multi-million dollar pact with ‘Live Nation’, with whom he started his Roc Nation watermark; a montage and music publishing company.
  • On September 8, 2009, his album ‘The Blueprint 3’ was released and was featured on a number of popular music charts. The same year, he went on his album tour.
  • In 2010, Jay-Z collaborated with Rihanna, Bono, and The Edge to release the track, ‘Stranded’ for the ‘Hope for Haiti Now’ fund-raiser. The same year, he printed a memoir titled, ‘Decoded’.
  • In 2012, He collaborated with ‘M.I.A’ on their single, ‘XXXO’.
  • Jay-Z released his studio album, ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ in July 2013. Jay-Z also announced that he would be starting ‘Roc Nation Sports, a sports agency sometime soon.[4]

Awards & Achievement

  • In 1998, He won the Billboard Music Award for ‘R&B Albums Artist of the Year’.
  • Throughout his musical career, Jay-Z has earned 51 Grammy Award nominations and won 17 Grammy awards from 1999 to 2013. He won six BET Awards from 2001 to 2012.
  • Jay-Z won the American Music Awards for ‘The Blueprint 3’ in the category ‘Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album’, in 2009.
  • In 2009, Jay-Z and Beyonc� were ranked as Hollywood’s top-earning couple by Time Magazine.
  • In 2010, Jay-Z won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for ‘Favorite Male Singer’.[5]

Jay-Z Net Worth

Jay-Z’s Net Worth is $1.6 Billion US Dollars, according to Forbes. Jay-Z is considered the richest rapper and wealthiest music artist in the world. Jay-Z was the founder of highly successful multi-million dollar companies like Rocawear and 40/40 Club. Jay-Z’s annual income exceeds $150 Million and owns Assets and Investments worth $850 Million. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are regarded as the richest celebrity couple in the world.[6]

Jay-Z Personal Life

Jay-Z First Wife

He married singer/actress Beyonce Knowles in April 2008 in a hushed affair. Before he wed her, he collaborated with her on a number of singles and albums including, ‘Crazy in Love’, ’03 Bonnie & Clyde’, ‘Deja Vu, and ‘That’s How You Like It’.

The couple has a daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, who was born in 2012.
He has been engaged in a number of philanthropic activities. He vouchsafed nearly $1 million to the American Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina hit America.

Apart from his musical career and business ventures, he was also actively involved during the 2008 presidential campaign and is an avid supporter of Obama’s administration.[3]

Jay-Z Social Media

Jay-Z is a well-established and well-known American rapper and entrepreneur. He has a huge fan following throughout the world, He also respects his fans and likes to share his personal and professional life events with the people who follow and admire him. Jay-Z is socially active and is available on various social media sites including Instagram and Twitter Her social media handles are mentioned below:

Instagram Account: @jayzz_official

Twitter Account: @JayZTakes

Jay-Z Quotes

Jay-Z Quotes
Jay-Z Quotes
Jay-Z Quotes
Jay-Z Quotes

Why was Jay-Z removed from Spotify?

Jay Z has also been a vocal critic of technology companies on the issue of artist compensation; in 2015, at a New York event, he targeted Google, Spotify, and Apple, claiming that they paid artists far less than they deserved. This could clarify his departure from Spotify, a corporation he regards as unfriendly to artists.

Why is Jay-Z so famous?

Including over 140 million files sold, Jay-Z is one of the nation’s finest music artists. He has earned 24 Grammy Awards, which he shares with Kanye West. Jay-Z also currently holds the record for the majority of Billboard 200 number-one album tracks by a solo artist (14).

What does Beyoncé call Jay-Z?

Is Beyonce’s nickname for Jay-Z Shawn or Jay? She refers to him as King. And he refers to her as queen. Neither; she refers to him as Daddy.

How old was Beyoncé when she met Jay-Z?

Little is known about their initial conference and early relationship, but Beyoncé at first when revealed that the pair met when she was only 18 years old.