Jane Fonda
, Oscar-winning actress said on Friday. That she had
been given a “highly curable” cancer diagnosis.
And had begun a six-month chemotherapy regimen.
 Jane Fonda Diagnosed with Lymphoma
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Jane Fonda has cancer and is doing well after undergoing chemotherapy.

The 84-year-old actress Jane Fonda, who last year starred in the final season of the Netflix sitcom “Grace and Frankie”.
Jane, mentioned in an Instagram post that she had non-lymphoma.
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 Jane Fonda says that she's been diagnosed with cancer and is already undergoing 'chemo'
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“This malignancy is extremely curable. I consider myself very lucky because 80% of individuals survive “Fonda penned.
Jane Fonda added that she felt fortunate because she had access to the best medical professionals and insurance.

I understand that I am fortunate in this, yet it pains to say that.
In her more than 60 years in the entertainment industry.
Jane Fonda Diagnosed With 'Very Treatable' Cancer, Begins Chemo
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Fonda has won Oscars for her performances in the films “Klute” from 1971 and “Coming Home” from 1978.


This month, the Toronto Film Festival will host the world premiere of her most recent movie, “Moving On.”
Off-screen, Fonda has fought for a number of issues.
Jane Fonda on 'ongoing' health struggles: 'I've had a lot of cancer'
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Most recently promoting legislation to stop climate change.

Jane Fonda posted on Instagram, “I’m taking chemo for six months.
And am tolerating the treatments fairly well.
Believe me, I won’t allow anything to stop me from being an activist for the environment.