Zendaya, the Euphoria famous person is globally well-known now. The actor, whose relationship with Tom Holland, hogged headlines after a Twitter trend, ZENDAYA PREGNANT. You need to be thinking if it`s true. Twitter is presently flooded with reactions to the news.

Zendaya’s fans fall for an online rumor that she is pregnant with Tom Holland’s baby:



Thousands of Zendaya enthusiasts had been nicely and truly `Kissed’ after falling for an internet rumor that she is pregnant with Tom Holland’s toddler.
Zendaya isn’t pregnant. Reports say a famous net meme, You simply were given Krissed makes use of fake headlines to get likes and views. The viral TikTok video is a prank and fans have fallen for it.
For people who don`t recognize her, in January 2022, a morphed photo of her was got viral that confirmed the actor flaunting a baby bump at a red-carpet event.
She being pregnant rumors have honestly created a hullabaloo on social media.

Zendaya became a trending topic because of the pregnancy rumor:

A viral trend tricking people on TikTok crossed social media platforms and caused a wave of memes and jokes on Twitter, with many believing the hoax. She has become a trending subject matter due to the rumor.



On TikTok, people are getting #Krissed as faux tales approximately Spider-Man: No Way Home co-stars She and Holland are being shared, earlier than Kris Jenner pops up on display to troll the watcher and affirm the story become a hoax. The affirmation that the rumors had been made up hasn’t stopped a few people from believing it over on Twitter.




Zendaya’s fake rumor gained tens of thousands of interactions with Twitter users:

Tweets openly asking, “Wait Zendaya is pregnant?” won tens of hundreds of interactions with Twitter customers. @kirawontmiss observed up their tweet by writing, “I want to recognize who is y’all sources due to the fact why anyone at the timeline pronouncing this.”

“Somebody screamed ‘Zendaya is pregnant’ in Walmart and 20 people fell to their knees,” @ZERONlUM wrote on Twitter. Over 63,000 customers preferred the remark which additionally was given thousands of remarks and retweets too. Continuing the joke, @ihyjuju tweeted separately, “Zendaya PREGNANT?? I simply fell to my knees in a Walmart.”

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People reacted to the “news” on Twitter with messages of faux congratulations for the Dune actress Zendaya, with accompanying movies together with their actual emotions—commonly people react with devastation or anger.

TikTok was filled with people creating videos with the #Krissed meme on Zendaya:

“She only got pregnant to make me jealous tbh,” become a subject repeated by numerous users. @Sammerlammer’s tweet went viral after they repeated the declaration however protected a photograph of a person sitting in his underclothes in a messy bedroom.
But how did this rumor, which sped like wildfire, originate?

Zendaya Tom
TikTok become packed with humans developing movies with the #Krissed meme. Rumors of She and Tom Holland both pronouncing they’re being pregnant, breaking up, or getting engaged had been announced, earlier than the Kardashian matriarch seemed onscreen. She’s visible dancing to a sped-up model of “Lady Marmalade.”

The movies start off convincingly enough, with clickbait titles and thumbnails earlier than going into Instagram proof helping the story. Eventually, Jenner seems onscreen to.