Elon Musk
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Last Friday the Indian government banned the services of Elon Musk’s internet service company Starlink.

Starlink is the division of Elon Musk’s company Space-X that provides Internet services, but still they didn’t get the license to serve in India. Starlink registered in India on 1st November after that they started booking for their services and for telecast the ads. But due to some reasons on an urgent basis Starlink was banned from giving services and making bookings.

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According to news agency Indian government gives instructions to starlink to follow rules regulation guidelines and fulfilling necessary requirements.

The department of telecommunication (DOT) said, Starlink doesn’t have the license to provide satellite based internet services in India. The union government said on friday and also advised the public to not subscribe to the services offered by the company, which are available for pre-booking.


Currently the company provides its services in selected areas within the country for $99 (which is fully refundable).

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