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Helena Schneider

Helena Schneider is popular due to her marriage with famous American actor Robert Schneider


Helena Schneider was the second wife of Robert Schneider. She got famous when she married famous American actor Robert Schneider. Still got her name and fame in the public due to her husband, there is not much information available but we will try our best to provide every information in this article so today in this article we shall be discussing Helena Schneider and her life story and where she is now.

Who is Helena Schneider?

Helena Schneider is popular due to her marriage with famous American actor Robert Schneider, and now she is famous as the former wife of the actor. Her secretive nature leads to curiosity among the public as to what she is doing nowadays and what was the reason behind her divorce with her famous actor husband.

The early life of Helena Schneider and her family

helena schneider biography

Talking about her early life, she was born in the United States in 1963 and as of now, her current age is 58.  Helena Schneider’s ethnicity is Caucasian.  Helena Schneider was not known in media or public before her marriage with the American actor, hence not much is known about Helena Schneider’s identity.

Helena Schneider is popular due to her marriage with famous American actor Robert Schneider lived in Los Angeles when she was married to Rob Schneider but as of now in the present time her location is not known and due to her secretive behavior not much is known about her parents but according to some reports her father is a worker and her mother is into the teaching profession, and her sibling’s identity is hidden any way away from the public and not much is not about her family as well.


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Where is Helena Schneider currently?

She got a very generous amount of fame after marrying Robert Schneider. It is obvious for anyone to gain fame if you are involved in a relationship with such a superstar, but unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last and they broke up. Her husband moved on in his life, but as of now after their divorce, Her chose to live a very separate and secrete life away from all the limelight and stardom.

But even still date, people want to know more about her and all the credit goes to her husband’s stardom, even after their divorce Helena remained quite popular. But nevertheless, Helena Schneider did to stay away from all the spotlight and doesn’t consider herself for this stardom.

Helena Schneider and Robert Schneider

helena schneider biography

When it comes to her married life Her got famous after tying the knot with her husband and all thanks to his stardom, the couple started dating in the early 2000s when her husband had already earned a very fair and superstardom in the industry, but not many details were leaked in media during their dating time.

After dating for quite a while Helena tied the knot with Robert Schneider on 1st October 2002. Even after having such fame and stardom, their marriage was super secretive and the ceremony was not disclosed hence not much is known about their wedding ceremony in the media.

It is said that during their super secretive wedding ceremony only their friends and family were invited. Robert Schneider talked about Helena in his interviews, and about their relationship.

Helena Schneider divorce

After tying the knot with such a superstar, their wedding did not last longer and they eventually gave divorce to each other in 2005. When the topic arises regarding their divorce it is said that Helena filed the divorce.

During the time of their divorce, Robert started his affair with his third and current wife, Patricia Azarcoya, if you talk about Her divorce it is seen that Robert’s third wife might be the reason for their divorce. There are rumors in the industry related to their separation.

Is Helena Schneider the mother of Robert Schneider Kids?

The couple doesn’t share any kids but before Robert was married to Helena he was married to another English model and has a daughter with his first wife name ELLE KING who is a musician, even Helena Schneider maintains a very close and warm relationship with Robert’s first wife’s daughter. Helena Schneider even made public appearances with Elle during a movie premiere. 

Helena Schneider personal stats

helena schneider biography

Her holds an American nationality and has quite an amazing figure about 5ft and 3 inches tall. She has a beautiful pair of hazel-colored eyes and golden hair. Talking about her marital life after getting a divorce from her ex-husband she is currently living a single life.

The net worth of Helena Schneider

Talking about her profession it is clearly not known what profession is Helena into, but when the topic arises regarding her net worth the amount of her net worth is not clear and talking about her professional life even that information is clearly not available but talking about how rich she is because she was the spouse of one of the successful actors in Hollywood so you might get a clear idea that even though she has kept herself away from limelight she is indeed leading a nice life, and you can even get a clear image that her ex-husband has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Some of the lesser-known facts about Helena Schneider:

  • Helena Schneider is not active in social media.

  • She made her last appearance in 2005 and other than that she didn’t make any appearance in public.

  • She had a very close and healthy relationship with her stepdaughter Elle King and they both even made a lot of public appearances.

  • Currently, Helena Schneider is living a private life away from the limelight and nothing much is known about her.

  • After her divorce in 2005 from her husband Robert Schneider, Helena is living a single life.

  • After her divorce, she took herself away from the limelight.




Helena Schneider was the second wife of American actor Robert Schneider. She got all the fame and limelight after tying the knot with the actor but sadly their marriage ended in divorce in the initial years. After that Helena is away from the media and since then nothing is known much about her. 




Question:- When did Helena Schneider marry Robert Schneider?

Answer:-on 1st October 2002.

Question:- Where is Helena Schneider now?

Answer:- She made her last public appearance in 2005 and since then nothing much is not known about her.

Question:-. What is the age of Helena Schneider?

Answer:- as of now her age is in the ’50s.


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