Peter C. Harvey, a former NJ attorney general, has
been appointed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to hear the appeal of Deshaun Watson’s six-game ban as a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Peter C. Harvey, a former New Jersey attorney general, is chosen by Roger Goodell to hear the appeal of Deshaun Watson.

The NFL is requesting a harsher punishment under the league’s personal conduct code.
Roger Goodell had the choice of either taking the appeal himself or designating a replacement under the agreement.

Harvey on watson case

The NFL is requesting an indefinite ban that would last at least one year. As well as a monetary penalty (which Robinson did not impose on Watson) and treatment for the star quarterback.

In New York, Harvey is currently a partner in the Patterson Belknap law firm.
A member of the NFL’s diversity advisory council, which assesses diversity in the league, he has also worked as a federal prosecutor.
Peter “has deep expertise in criminal law, including domestic violence and sexual assault,” according to the NFL.


Harvey advised to implement NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy along with workplace policies

Harvey also advised the NFL and other professional leagues to include NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy, at the time of creation and implementation of workplace policies.
Peter, was one of four experts that evaluated the NFL’s domestic abuse investigation of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott in 2017.
Six-game suspension for breaching the league’s conduct rules by Elliott.
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When Harvey will consider the appeal is unknown. The league’s personal conduct rules requires that it completed by them .

When Watson was a player for the Houston Texans between March 2020 and March 2021. He has charged to brought by 25 women with sexual assault and other unsuitable conduct.

The encounters that are the focus of the accusations are said to have taken place.
“The NFL carried its burden to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Watson committed sexual assault” against the four therapists mentioned in the Report,”
Robinson wrote in his decision to impose the six-game suspension.