New Movie! Halloween Ends 2022 Horrifying Trailer Launched

Halloween Ends is the slasher horror franchise Halloween. The trailer of its 13th season has been realized recently. Michael Mayers returned to the show. The film is directed by David Gorden Green who is the third time entering the horror series.

Halloween Ends Trailer

Halloween Ends trailer was dropped as a surprise on Tuesday evening:

Halloween End’s star Jamie Lee Curtis announced the release only a few minutes prior to the trailer officially appearing online. The trailer was dropped as a surprise on Tuesday evening Jamie Lee Curtis wrote on Twitter, “Laurie always says DO AS I SAY!”. Halloween Ends is the thirteenth season of the horror franchise Halloween and the fourth in the account created by 2018’s Halloween.

Every other film from the series of Halloween has been ignored apart from John Carpenters’ 1978 original. Jamie Lee Curtis is playing the role of Laurie Strode who is the descendant of Michael Mayer, who originally killed binge and now is struggling with PTSD. In the sequel of the film from the years 2018 and 2021, Halloween Kills it can be seen that Laurie teamed up with Karen who is her daughter, and Allyson who is her granddaughter when Mayers reappeared to attack Haddonfield, III.

Halloween Ends Trailer
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Halloween Ends will definitely give goosebumps to the audiences:

Halloween Ends will continue the shocking ending of 2021’s Halloween Kills. Curtis and Matichak will renew their roles from the last two movies. Other reprised roles from the previous movies include Will Patton, Kyle Richards, and Omar Dorsey whereas as an addition to the new cast Michael O’Leary will join.

The first look of Halloween Ends will definitely give goosebumps to the audiences as Michael Mayers makes a comeback to haunt Jamie Lee Curtis. In this film, Laurie will confront the masked killer for the last time as she tries to keep her trauma and distress behind. The trailer is filled with ghostly music leading up to chilling, bloodshed sequels as Jamie Lee Curtis struggle for her survival.

Halloween Ends Trailer
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