Former WWE famous star is planning for dressing as John cena for Halloween at upcoming events show

Retired WWE Superstar Fred Rosser (fka Darren Young) has conveyed interest in outfitting as John Cena for a New Japan Pro-Wrestling occasion during his Halloween.

dressing as John cena for Halloween at upcoming events show

During his WWE excursion, Rosser caught the Tag Team Championship with Titus O’Neil, besides existing role of The Nexus faction. Despite retaining several skin personalities, several, containing Cena himself, have accentuated their identical facial expressions characteristics.

Retired WWE Superstar Fred Rosser fka Darren Young has conveyed interest in outfitting as John Cena

Talking to the Insiders Edge: IN A Pro Wrestling Podcast, Rosser has announced that he might be glance to grapple as an ebony Cena of NJPW Halloween outstanding concert in New York.

“”I don’t know how that came about, me being the black John Cena, but it’s funny. New Japan Strong is doing a show in New York, a Halloween show, and I’m thinking about dressing up as the black John Cena. So we’ll see how that goes at a New Japan STRONG show. I’m still thinking about it. I think that’s what I might be for Halloween, the black John Cena, but it’s gonna be my own way, you know, my own version of it, so we’ll see if I do it or not.” (H/T Fightful)”

Since he had leaving WWE in 2017, Rosser has had a celestial speed in their singles division. He has moreover the recent NJPW Strong Openweight Champion in his early supremacy.

WWE Hall of Famer has outstanding acclaim for John Cena

Around his 20 years of careers as an active WWE Superstar, Cena has earned numerous possession and defeated several celebrated adversaries, including The Rock, Edge, and Brock Lesnar.

During his recent conference with Bubba Army, Cena’s retired on-screen opponent, Kurt Angle, declared that Cena should be deemed the tremendous WWE Superstorm of the all period.

Watch the compete interview below

“[John] Cena, greatest WWE Superstar of all time. He’s the one with 16 world titles, all WWE world titles, no one else has done that.” (H/T Sportskeeda).

Before joining the Hollywood industry, Cena has rendered periodic manifestations on WWE programs . Moreover, 2022 would inclined streak the initial year the retired winner hasn’t grappled since his main enrollment debut in 2002.

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