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Georgia Stanway fires England into Women’s Euro 2022 quarter-final win against Spain

England was on the verge of leaving Euro 2022 when things took a dramatic turn at The Amex.

Even though none else did, Georgia Stanway had knowledge of what she was doing.

The opportunity to pass outside to an overlapping teammate presented itself as Georgia Stanway marched forward carrying the ball.

You yelled at the television, “Pass it!” Passing was the obvious choice, so hundreds of spectators at Brighton’s Amex Stadium screamed it out instinctively. Sandra Panos was defeated by Georgia Stanway’s thrashing of the ball.

The best feeling in the world is when you tell one of your players to do something, and they disregard you and do something amazing. Georgia Stanway doesn’t care about percentages, so screw them.

Georgia Stanway Astonishing Performance

The strength of the squad produced an outstanding solo goal. Because of the strike’s purity, it is simple to miss. However, Lauren Hemp receives the help without ever touching the ball. Her run, which lengthens the match and gives Spain’s defenders pause, is what generates the space, which provides the time, which creates the threat. Sarina Wiegman recalls congratulating them both from the sidelines.

Progress is made in England in some way. Despite the fact that Spain outplayed them from beginning to end—if not completely—at least for long enough to choke the players in white who found their breath in the final 10 minutes and then turned the tables with their majestic substitutes in extra time—luck was far from the most important factor in this tournament.

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If winning is more satisfying if it is achieved through grit and determination, followed by a flourish of enthusiasm, England has all the momentum they require.

Throughout the group stage, Spain had hemmed and hawed, doing just enough to imply that they were merited favorites but doing little to demonstrate that. However, they also controlled possession in every game.

They were quite one-dimensional as a result: pass, pass, pass; yes, it’s understandable if someone scored a header; pass, pass, pass.

In this situation, England was aware that they could not afford to do anything and let Spain control the ball. They were the hosts, they had a large crowd watching them, and they were determined to prove that they were deserving of taking over for Spain as the tournament favorites midway through last week.

But Spain liked it. Spain is able to enjoy some space when they recover the ball when possession is more evenly distributed. Their tiki-taka, short passing style is executed with purpose rather than just for the sake of doing it. A winger claiming possession out wide, a striker diving deep into space, and a midfielder all accomplish this.


It also alarmed England. Fearing the pressure from behind and rushed first touches prevented them from forming connections in the middle of the field. Intelligent adversaries usually forced them onto their weaker feet. They were drawn toward the ball before being circulated. The squad of Sarina Wiegman was not humbled, but they were rushed. After dominating her first three bouts, Keira Walsh struggled in the first half. Rachel Daly, a winger who was playing left-back, had the appearance of a winger.

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At a deficit of 1-0, England faced the demons that we can never manage to shake off and that only appear for unpleasant encounters in distant locations or stadiums that are too near to home.

They not only conquered Spain, but also the skeptics. On the back pages, they noticed the headlines lamenting a bunch of just-not-quite. They undoubtedly anticipated the negative feedback on social media; keep in mind that this is difficult for them.

These players on this England squad are warriors. The team has depth, and the substitutes are aware of their responsibilities. Wiegman showed courage by removing Beth Mead and Ellen White; if it had failed, condemnation would have flowed. They were aware that Spain would ultimately dig in and attempt to defend what they already had. In order for those with sharp minds to make a difference, the pressure would let up a little bit. Ella Toone, who kept England dreaming, is to be commended. Come on Stanway, so we may continue to daydream for another week.

England V/S Spain Euro 2022 other Player Ratings including Georgia Stanway

Earps When Mariona Caldentey tried her, as well as when England was cut through down the left, she made many significant saves and gathered the ball superbly.

Bronze 7 – Had better success combining with England’s wingers once more, although Caldentey consistently outperformed him. Blocks on Olga Carmona are impressive

Bright 8 – Won most of her aerial fights against Esther Gonzalez, who was making a comeback.

Williamson 6.5 – Gonzalez’s runs in behind grew harder to follow, but it appears that she is readjusting to her position as a center-half.

Daly 5
: Dealing with Spain’s wide players was one of England’s most difficult challenges. started out well, but Gonzalez’s goal was the result of her defeat, and that set off a really terrible night for her.

Georgia Stanway 8 – Tried to be assertive, but found that she had to adjust to moving far less than she did in the groups. A stunning victor

Walsh 7 – In a midfield situation when England may have lost their composure, her greatest strength was in resuming movements after they had been repeatedly snuffed out by Spain.

Mead 6: Hemp and Mead combined effectively as usual, but Mead had far less time on the ball than normal as England struggled to get into the final third.

Hemp 6: Hemp’s speed was always going to be a problem to Spain’s full-backs, who had struggled in the groups. But she had fewer possibilities than Mead had.

White 5:  She tried to push early, getting a ball to the face in the first 10 seconds, but she was mainly left alone as a result of the goal being disallowed for offside.

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