Elliot Kingsley Net Worth Biography Early life family
Elliot Kingsley Net Worth Biography Early life family

Ozzy osbourne son elliot kingsley

Some people are famous for their family members and Elliot Kingsley is one of them, who is a popular and famous American theatre actor. Elliot is known as a popular theatre artist. Whose net worth is approximately $ 6000, 000.

Elliot Kingsley better known as Elliot Osbourne is a popular American theatre actor who has contributed himself in the theatre for many years. And even he is widely known as the stepson of English singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne.  

Elliot Kingsley early life and Childhood

The theatre actor was born in 1966 in England, to Thelma Mayfair who was a teacher and a single mother. So at a very young age, Elliot Kingsley was brought up by his mother, and even the identity of his biological father is not known. When Elliot Kinsley was just five his mother met the English rock artist John Michel “Ozzy” Osbourne and later in late 1971 the couple got married and the rock star decided to adopt Elliot as his stepson. Other than that Elliot’s half-sisters are Jessica Osbourne and Kinsley’s half-brother Louis John who works in the music industry.

Elliot Kingsley Biological Father

Some people get famous due to the identity of their father and Elliot is one among such people. His father Ozzy Osbourne is a famous singer and songwriter who was a lead singer of the heavy metal band Black. He adopted Elliot at the young age of five and took on all his responsibilities. Elliot at the very young age of 20 started his career as a theatre artist and till date, he has contributed many works for American theatre and the main reason of his popularity is because of his stepfather. The actor got famous and popular due to his father and hence whenever the actor has a media appearance he is always seen with his stepfather. 


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 Elliot Kingsley Net Worth Biography Early life family
Elliot Kingsley Net Worth Biography Early life family

Elliott Kingsley Carrier

 Elliot Kingsley has stepped into the world of theatre at the very young age of 20. Elliot has auditioned for the theatre group called Everyman Playhouse. This was just the beginning of his career and this theatre group gave him a lot of chances to polish his acting skills and improve himself as an actor. In the following year, Elliot has established himself as a skilled and a molded professional actor. Then he earned many minor roles in various plays, even in those minor roles he has proved himself at his best. He showcased his talent and later he received many major roles. Elliot Kingsley spends a very private life according to the sources and stays away from the limelight like his adoptive father’s fame. But still, he has successfully established himself and has an upgraded career in the American theatre. He has been involved in theatre since a very young age. The most famous part of his career was about being a member of the Young Everyman Playhouse Actors Program and that resulted in the best part of his career was when in 2017 the theater enthusiast became a member of the company. He even became a member of the five plays which continued from February 2017 to July 2017. The most important roles in his entire career include Mendel in Fiddler on the Roof, Liam in THE story Giant, and Julis in ROMEO JULIET.  These five plays had a great impact for him and his career. He has even worked with famous theatre artists including Patrick Brenan, George Caple, and Richard Bremmer.  

Other than that the theatre actor is very keen and extremely passionate about introducing

the theatre’s importance to the new generation. For that in 2020, he was involved in the

conversation of upbringing the theatre in the new world, he has been encouraging many

new people to join the theatre and become theatre artists.

 Elliot Kingsley Net Worth Biography Early life family
Elliot Kingsley Net Worth Biography Early life family

Elliot Kingsley Net Worth

The net worth of the theatre actor stands in millions and looking into his career the theatre actor has a very estimated net worth and leads a very lavish life. The estimated net worth of this theatre actor is approximately $6000,000. The salary of the theatre actor is $50 thousand annually according to US dollars. The net worth of Elliot Kingsley is one of the highest in his family as he belongs from an entertainment background. The earning of the actor results in a very lavish life for himself as according to the reports it is seen that an average theatre actor earns around $58,000 a year.  

 Elliot Kingsley Net Worth Biography Early life family
Elliot Kingsley Net Worth Biography Early life family

Elliot Kingsley Personal life

When it comes to his personal life the actor is quite secretive and it is still not known if he has an affair or not. Elliot doesn’t even appear with female friends and he has not spoken about his marital life. Hence it is clearly seen that the actor loves to keep himself in a very secretive manner and neither had he spoken about his girlfriend or affair to the media. And currently, the actor is leading a single life.

Some lesser-known facts

When Elliot Kingsley was a little child he wanted to become a dragon and Dungarees and canal boats are his favorites.
He is very fond of old people and loves to spend time with them.
There his dislike includes cheese and he clearly hates them.


How old is Elliot Kingsley?

Elliot Kingsley is currently 55 years old and his birth year is 1966.

Who is the father of Elliot Kingsley?

the exact information of his biological father is not available and is still not told by his mother but at the tender age of 5, he was adopted by English singer Ozzy Osbourne.

How much is the estimated worth of Elliot Kingsley?

according to the reports the actor has a whopping amount of $6000,000.