Shockingly! Elishjsha Dicken, A 22-Year-Old Killed Culprit of Indiana Mall Firing

Elishjsha Dicken, a 22-year-old civilian performed heroic actions in the Greenwood Mall with an unlicensed pistol to shoot a culprit who opened fire in a mall and killed civilians there on Monday.

Elishjisha Dicken

Elishjsha Dicken used a skilled trick to fire at the culprit who was quite at a distance from Dicken:

James Lason the Greenwood Police Cheif gave a statement at the conference that “Many more people would have been killed last night if not for a responsibly armed civilian Elishjsha Dicken who would have acted very  quickly within the first two minutes of the shooting.” The culprit was a 20-year-old white man named Jonathan Douglas Saperiman who opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at an Indiana shopping mall on Sunday night his motive for firing is still unknown.

Lason told reporters that Elishjsha Dicken used a skilled and sharp trick to fire at the culprit who had a gun in his hand and was quite at a distance from Dicken. He fired on the culprit without any military training and with no law enforcement. Elishjsha Dicken confused the culprit and indicated civilians to run after him. The police officer playing that the culprit also had a second assault rifle, pistol, and a lot of magazines.

Elishjsha Dicken
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Organizations that are fighting against restrictions on gun ownership also raised its voice against the incident:

The shooter already had rehearsed the deadly attack he performs by flushing his phone into the toilet and putting his computer on fire A powerful lobbying organization (NRA) The National Rifle Association quickly shared its views on the tragedy that happened at the Indiana mall. They posted on Twitter ” We will say it again, the only way to stop a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with the gun.” Another organization that is fighting against restrictions on gun ownership also raised its voice against the incident that took place at the mall.

As per the gun, violence archives report, since the year started more than 24,000 people have been shot and killed which also includes 13,000 suicides. The shootings at a Texas school and a buffalo supermarket offently visited by African Americans is a place where recent two gun shootouts took place that shook the nation. For the first time in thirty years, lawmakers agreed to pass minor gun law reform in June.

Elishjsha Dicken
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