Drew Barrymore shared a beautiful video playing with rain goes viral


Drew Barrymore is reminding fans that rain is gorgeous.

In a shared video Sunday, actress Drew Barrymore posted a clip of herself outside smiling and enjoying the rain.

“Whenever you’ll exit into the rain … don’t miss the opportunity!” the 47-year-old actress loud with glee.

Drew Barrymore fans applaud on viral video

The web cannot appear to urge enough. Drew Barrymore’s post has received nearly 500,000 likes on Instagram and over two million on TikTok.


“I need to like something the maximum amount as actor Drew Barrymore loves everything. Perfection” wrote content creator Michael Brown in a tweet sharing the clip.

“She’s the foremost jam-packed with joy, funny, darling person ever. As you’ll tell. this is often extremely her,” wrote actress Kristen Johnston.

“You’re superb,” commented editor Michelle Lee on the Instagram post.

‘Weird in a very smart way’:Drew Barrymore, man Tom Green reunite virtually 20 years

While the reaction was mostly positive, some criticized the actress for flaunting her wealth and privilege.

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“Not having to worry about money seems amazing,” Twitter user @vanthefirst wrote.

But few defended  Drew Barrymore by reminding other fans that Barrymore go through hardships as a young actress.

“People being rude about this clearly forget how much Drew Barrymore went through as a child star,” Nọ́lá Ọjọ́mú tweeted. “The fact she lives a life filled with so much joy makes me smile every time.”

Another fan was reminded of playing in the rain as a kid. “When I saw this earlier today, I felt like I was looking at the little Drew, who didn’t have a chance at a normal childhood, playing in the rain in her adult body. I’m delighted to see her like this.”

Barrymore rose to fame for her role in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” when she was 7 years old. She later struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, going to rehab at the age of 12 and relapsing at 13 years old.

‘E.T.’ turns 40: Steven Spielberg remembers 6-year-old actor Barrymore ‘stormed’ into Gertie’s role Barrymore has unfolded regarding her father, actor John Barrymore, being a violent alcoholic, and her mother who struggled with parental responsibility. Her folks were unmarried once she was nine.

In an associate 2015 interview, Barrymore told the Guardian that her 14-year-old self was notional having a cheerful life at the age of 40 despite being consumed by most negativity.

“I was thus terrified of not knowing wherever I used to be going. I had a worry that I used to be planning to die at 25,” Drew Barrymore same, adding that even once things got dark, she forever had a way there ought to be goodness.

“I ne’er went all the means into darkness. there have been such a lot of things I might have done that will have pushed Pine Tree State over the sting and that I simply knew to not go there.” Barrymore went on to possess a no-hit film career, leading in “Charlie’s Angels,” “50 First Dates” and “Scream,” to call some.


Drew Barrymore’s program premiered in 2020. She shares 2 daughters, Olive, 9, and Frankie, 8, with Will Kopelman. “I attempt to create my life a playground for them,” Barrymore said. “They apprehend I am obsessed with work, and work could be marvelous and necessary.”

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