After closely focusing for three hours on Donald Trump‘s refusal to abandon the mob of supporters who aggressively attacked Congress concluded the latest committee’s hearing of January 6.

Donald Trump on January 6

The committee screened the clip of the speech that Donald Trump gave on January 7:

Besides the details of Donald Trump’s negligence during the attack on Congress, the committee screened the clip of the speech that then-president Trump gave on the 7th of January and two administration employees testified in person who resigned after the Capital Riot. The committee started proceedings by making an announcement that in September there will be further hearings.

The committee also talked about the efforts made by the staff of the White House. They tried and brought Trump to perform as the rioters started to breach the Capitol and anguished radio communications from Mile Pence’s security detail. Against far-right rebels and Trump combines with Steve Bannon, prosecutors have rested their case, meanwhile. Steve Bannon is confronting a charge of criminal contempt of Congress in court.

Donald Trump on January 6
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President Donald Trump is working on the language he used on January 7:

From the 6 January selected committee, he refused to comply with a subpoena, the Department of Justice declared that he simply “decided he was above the law”. Melania Trump, the former first lady has hit out at Stephanie Grisham, her former chief of staff for not informing her about the Capitol riot. Steve Bannon’s advocates choose not to put on a defense case in the strategist’s disrespect to Congress trial.

Former President Donald Trump advised US District Judge Carl Nicholas that he will not testify when asked if he was waiving that right by saying “Yes, your honor”. His legal team disagreed that Steve Bannon did not disobey a subpoena to be present in front of the House select committee investigating the January 6 riot.

The House January 6 committee presented the new video that shows President Donald Trump is working on the language he used on January 7 by addressing the attack on the Capitol when he said, “I don’t want to say the election is over.”

Donald Trump on January 6
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