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Danny Jones Penniman Full Biography

Danny Jones Penniman

Danny Jones Penniman is an American rapper, songwriter, and a musician by profession. Some people get famous as celebrity kids and get fame from the time they are born. Same has been in the case of Danny Jones, but he is the adopted son of Late Richard Wayne Penniman, who is a legendary musician himself and the founder of “Rock N Roll” music. But today in this article we will not discuss about him, rather we will be discussing about his adopted son Danny Jones and his life.

Early life and childhood

Danny Jones Penniman was born in 1959, in the United States of America.  But his exact date of birth is not known publicly as to which time of the year he celebrates his birthday.

And even his zodiac sign remains wrapped inside. As per some reports his current age is 62. Not just that, the information related to his childhood and his early life is also not publicly known.

The details and the location of Danny Jones Penniman Jones’s biological parents is not known, but according to some of the reports it is said that both his biological parents died and Danny was an orphan kid.

And that is the reason he was adopted by Little Richard at the age of one. Talking about his foster parents, he is a proud son for them. Though his foster parents are divorced, his mother leads a quiet secretive life. There is no information related to his siblings and his childhood memories.

Educational qualifications

Regarding the educational qualification of Danny Jones, it is said that he has completed his schooling from a local high school but the exact name of the school is not known publicly.

Danny Jones Penniman was very much interested in sports and his favorite sport was football in his school days. Danny has even attended college but further information is not available as to which institution he went for to complete his higher studies. Other than this he even developed a huge interest in music just like his foster father. 

The career of Danny Jones Penniman


Danny is famous as the adopted son of Little Richard, he got fame for being a star kid. Talking about his career Danny Jones himself is a rapper, singer, and musician himself. Though he is a professional musician, none of his works or albums are known to the public. As to whether he has a song, album or a rap performed by himself.

Danny Jones Penniman is a famous musician by himself, but not much information is available related to his work. He has a great interest in music which he has developed from his father, and he keeps an aim to hold a position like his legendary father. Danny’s career didn’t take off as we had hoped that being a celebrity kid he would make a name for himself. 

It is assumed as of now that he might be working on a project because it takes years to release albums or even impressive tapes. Danny Jones has appeared in some of the music concerts and various stage performances, but talking about his music and songs, it is still not publically available.

Danny Jones Penniman got famous in the industry for being the son of Little Richard. We hope that whatever he is doing will be there publicly if he is into some music projects. and we hope that he will surely shine like his father in the music industry.  

The net worth of Danny Jones Penniman

Danny Jones Penniman

Details related to the net worth of Danny Jones are still not available publically. But being a professional rapper and a musician he must be earning a whopping amount of money.

On the other hand, his father’s net worth was more than $40 million. So by now, you might get a clear idea that, though Danny might not have an estimated net worth known publicly. He definitely spends a lavish life for being a celebrity kid, as he owns and inherits most of his father’s properties and wealth so all and on he spends a very lavish life. 

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Personal life and Relationships:

Danny Jones Penniman
Google-Rolling Stone

By now you might have got a clear idea that Danny Jones Penniman is a very secretive person by nature and loves to maintain a low-key profile life and he has successfully maintained a life away from the limelight. At this moment he has kept his professional as well as his private life away from the eyes of the public.

There is no such information available as to whether this handsome man is dating some women or he has been into any relationships. But according to some reports it is stated that he has dated a number of females. But none of them is confirmed by him either.

Even though no such information is available related to his past relationships, hence it is assumed that Danny Jones is currently living a single life. Other than that it is also not known whether he is married or not.

Who are the parents of Danny Jones Penniman?

Talking about his parents, they met each other back in October 1957 and tied the knot on July 12, 1959. His father is famously known as Little Richard whose real name was Richard Wayne Penniman, who was a legendary American rapper, singer, songwriter and a musician. Who has a career spanning for seven decades? Some of his hits include “long tall sally” 1956), he is celebrated for his dynamic performances in the 1950s. 

Other than that he has earned titled naming “the innovator”, “the originator”, “the architect of Rock and Roll.” Little Richard is famous in music culture and even in Folks too. He is a legendary piano player and a singer with a raspy voice. He is such a personality who has played a key role in developing American Folk and music.

This is the reason why he is such a celebrated personality, unfortunately, he passed away on 9th May 2020. The news regarding his death was confirmed by Danny Jones on his social media platform. According to Richard’s brother, Alen Little Richard died of cancer at the age of 87. 

Talking about his mother, she loves to maintain a secretive life. His mother’s name is Ernestine Harvin, the couple divorced just two years after their marriage and Little Richard took the responsibility to raise Danny Jones Penniman.

Social media sites

Danny Pennmian’s social media accounts are hidden from the public, his social media sites have a huge fan base, where he keeps on posting pictures, and he even constantly keeps on promoting brands. So we can say that we might get a handful of income from his social media sites. 

Body measurements

Regarding his body measurements and physical stats, Danny Penniman is a handsome man. His current age might be 62 but he is definitely the most handsome man ever.

Danny Jones Penniman is gifted with a beautiful pair of brown eyes and brown hair. Most people get confused with his age because he is a very handsome and dashing man. He is tall and stands 5ft 9 inches tall, and he weighs around 64 kgs.

Some of the lesser facts about Little Richards Adopted son

  • He got fame for being a celebrity kid. He himself is a musician, rapper, and a singer. But no such information related to his career is not available.
    He was adopted by Little Richard at the age of one.
    Not such information is available regarding his dating life.
    He promotes brands on his social media accounts


Question:- What is the current age of Danny Jones Penniman?

Answer:- He is currently 62 years old.

Question:-Who are the biological parents of Danny Jones Penniman?

Answer:- the information related to his biological parents is not available.

Question:-Is Danny Jones married?

Answer:-No he is not married, and no such information is available related to his dating life. 

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