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: There will be two significant professional dancers missing from DWTS.
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The major Dancing With the Stars contestants Before Season 31 on Disney+, pros have left, but the explanations make sense.

As it gears up for its significant and historic switch from ABC to Disney+ for the upcoming season.

Although Lindsay Arnold and Sharna Burgess have both declared.

They won’t be back for Season 31, their justifications seem to make sense.
A few professionals departing “Dancing With The Stars” before the upcoming season has been reported in recent months.
But neither the names nor the veracity of the reports has been confirmed.
Sharna Burgess, a contestant on Dancing With The Stars since Season 16.
And the winner of the Mirrorball in Season 27, stated that she would not be returning as a pro.
The reason isn’t all that surprising: she recently became a mother. According to Burgess (via Instagram user dwtsreport):
Burgess and Brian Austin Green had a baby boy over the summer, so it makes logical that she would want to concentrate on him and spend time with him.

Additionally, they are not the only ones who are spending time with the infant.
Burgess shared Megan Fox’s kind words about her son, who evidently doesn’t cry all that often, after the actress recently met Green’s ex-boyfriend.
It makes sense that the dancer would want to be with him all the time.
It should be noted that Sharna Burgess has had to leave a season before, most recently in Season 16.
Dancing with the Stars: Dare to Be Different on January 19th
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Dancing With The Stars is about to undergo a lot of changes.

Due to her decision to become a judge on the Australian edition of Dancing With The Stars she didn’t officially compete in Season 28.
Additionally, it sounds like she is making every effort to continue to participate in the series in some way, so let’s hope that occurs.
Lindsay Arnold posted a similar explanation on Instagram not long after Sharna Burgess’ video and Lindsay Arnold.

The mom of one, who debuted on Dancing With The Stars as a professional dancer. In Season 16 before moving up to pro partner in Season 21 and winning in Season 25.
Although she enjoys being on the show, her family comes first.
Moving and leaving someone behind made participating in this season of Dancing With The Stars too stressful for Lindsay Arnold. She also wants to devote her time to her family.
Arnold assured fans that they will see her on the dancing series again even if she will be completely absent in the upcoming season.
Since it’s still obvious that the show means a lot to Sharna Burgess and Lindsay Arnold.
Their decision to step down this season in order to devote more time to their young children and families is very acceptable.
Although it is unknown if either of them will return as professional dancers in the future.
It should be intriguing to see how Burgess might fit in this upcoming season in whatever form.

In addition to Disney+ and Burgess and Arnold’s announcements.
There will be a lot of changes for Season 31 of Dancing With The Stars.
Alfonso Ribeiro, a veteran of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, will co-host with Tyra Banks in the upcoming season.
On September 19, Disney+ subscribers may watch the premiere of Season 31 of Dancing With the Stars!
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