50 Cent

Curtis Jackson Biography

Curtis Jackson Actor who is popularly known as 50 Cent, is a popular and worldwide known businessman and a hip-hop artist, who became popular through his album named “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, which was released back in 2003.

He has faced a very dark childhood where he got involved in crime, drugs, and violence. And later on in his life, he turned into one of the most successful rappers that the industry has ever produced.

With his super hit debut back in 2003, with his album “Get Rich or Die Tryin” and other than being a successful rapper Cent is also into a hip-hop group called G-unit and he has also been into business and has investments in soda water companies and video games.

With this Curtis Jackson branched out to become a successful actor and a businessman and has built a successful career for himself. His career has been littered with feuds along with other rappers, while his recent release has stood out sporadically. Today in this article, we are going to discuss everything related to 50 Cent and his life history.

Curtis Jackson

Curtis Jackson early life and Childhood

Curtis Jackson is a successful rapper and also a successful businessman

Curtis Jackson Age

Curtis Jackson was born on the 6th of July 1975 in the Borough of Queens located in New York City. According to the raper date of birth, age is 47 years old.

Curtis Jackson Family

Talking about his childhood Curtis Jackson was brought up by a single mother and the identity of his father is not known publicly. He was raised by his mother, who worked as a drug dealer to run the family.

But unfortunately, when 50 Cent was just 8 years old she lost her life in an accident due to an unexplained fire. After the tragic incident and the death of his mother, Jackson was raised all alone by his grandmother.

Being a child Cent always had an interest in boxing and Curtis Jackson even aspired to become a boxer, with this inspiration he even fought at the junior boxing competitions that were held.

But his faith took him in a different way and he started to sell drugs at the young age of 12. Things took a different way when Curtis Jackson was arrested at the age of 19 by an undercover police officer for selling four vials of cocaine and prior to that three weeks, later his home was searched, though that police even found heroin that was kept in his house.

50 Cent

With this Curtis Jackson got sentenced to jail for three to nine years, but instead of that, he went to a boot camp where he got his GED. During this time he began rapping.

Curtis Jackson Education

Apart from this nothing much is revealed, about his family and his siblings, and more than that nothing much is known about his educational qualifications and the institutions to which he went to complete his education.

Professional Career

Curtis Jackson Businesses

The Hip-Hop beginnings: Let’s begin with his professional career, 50 Cent received his very first and most important contact with the New York Hip-Hop scene, with this contract Curtis Jackson got introduced to Jam Master Jay which was the turning point of his career, Jay belonged from the group Run-DMC. 

With his rapping skills, Curtis Jackson impressed Jay, and by his rapping ability, Jay even produced an album for him, but unfortunately, that was never released publically.

Other than this Curtis Jackson also made a false start alongside the Columbia Label, and the recording was shelved before its release. The album “Power of Dollar” was later bootlegged and this further showcased the confrontational style of Jackson.

Back in 2000, Jackson again faced a severe accident and was the victim of a severe shooting, which led to multiple injuries and marks all over his body. In this incident, Curtis Jackson took a long time to recover from the accident, and prior to that Curtis Jackson again placed his steps in the music industry, made several low-budget recordings along with his friends Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, and developed a crew called G Unit.

50 Cent

Their group got noticed and grabbed the attention of Eminem and Dr.Dre, we’re impressed with Cent’s voice in “Guess Who’s Back?” which was a mixtape that was released in 2002, and with this, he got the offer to join his hands with the labels of Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment.

Debut album “Get Rich or Die Tryin”: The debut album of 50 Cent, was released back in 2003, and was produced by Eminem and Dr.Dre. And was the golden shot for Cent’s career, as this album gained massive success and this album’s copy eventually sold 9 million units. The singles which were “Wanksta” and “In Da Club”, were massive hits and were underpinned by strong hooks, which further helped them in the crossover pop hits.

The appearance of Curtis Jackson also played a major role, the muscles, tattoo, and wearing a bulletproof vest with a toting handgun, played a strong factor in his overall experience. The singles gained massive respect and topped the chartbusters because the lyrics were based on the stories of real-life and real experiences.

The other releases: back in 2005, just after “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, 50 Cent gave another hit album named “Massacre” and in this album, 50 Cent continued to rap related to drugs, crime, and sex on the tracks like “Candy Shop” and even in “Just a Lil Bit”. 

With his back-to-back massive hits, 50 Cent started his own label under the Interscope Umbrella signing along with Lloyd Banks and Young Buc, and with them incorporating them into the G-Unit, in 2004 they released the album “Beg for Mercy” and even this album was a massive hit in Cent’s career and it further went on selling 5 million copies worldwide.

With such releases, Curtis Jackson had already made a successful career in the sector of rapping, with the subsequent releases 50 Cent had already earned a name for himself in the industry. Curtis Jackson released two more singles which were Curtis in 2007 and Before I Self Destruct in 2009.

50 Cent

Apart from having a successful career in the industry with back-to-back releases of several hit albums 50 Cent had a major personality. But on the other hand, the personality of 50 Cent’s personal life had taken a different way and his personal history only involved poverty, drugs, violence, and crime though this might be the situation even after facing all the troubles, Curtis Jackson has established himself in the industry as an influential figure in the hip hop culture.

With this 50 Cent made an appearance in the industry with the release of various albums such as “Animal ambition” in 2014, this time the views might not be rich to the level of millions but the album managed to sell over 100,000 copies which were much lesser than the copies sold in the glory days.

On March 31, 2017, Interscope Records released 50 Cent’s final album for the label, a greatest hits album titled Best Of.

in 2020, it was reported that Jackson was producing two television series for Starz, an anthology about hip hop, and a biographical drama about sports agent Nicole Lynn.

In 2021, he became one of the headliners of the music festival Golden Sand in Riviera Maya.

In a July 2021 interview with The Independent, 50 Cent confirmed that he had officially decided to shelve his Street King Immortal album after it spent a decade in development hell. He even confirmed that he plans to release a completely new project.

On February 13, 2022, 50 Cent was a surprise performer in the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show.[1]

All Curtis Jackson Shows On-Screen Presence

Apart from being a rapper and a hip-hop artist, 50 Cent has also enjoyed his career by appearing in film and television. Back in 2014, Jackson has done the job of an executive producer and also played a supporting player in the crime drama “Power”.

Furthermore, 50 Cent is also seen in prominent roles alongside Sylvester Stallone in 2013’s Escape Plan, and Curtis Jackson has also appeared in several films such as Spy (2015), Southpaw (2015), and Den of Thieves (2018), all things fall apart (2011).  

In August 2021, he was confirmed to be starring in the upcoming The Expendables film.

50 Cent

Curtis Jackson Businesses

Apart from being a successful rapper and having dozens of singles and albums as hits in the industry, Jackson is also a businessman. Curtis Jackson has made investments and promotes Vitaminwater, this was a paid partnership that reportedly netted him $100 million, and back in 2007 the company was sold to Coca-Cola, and with this successful headphones line, SMS Audio was founded. 

50 Cent

Curtis Jackson Net Worth

As mentioned earlier that 50 Cent is involved in multiple professions which include, rapping, singing, and acting, and apart from this Curtis Jackson is also a businessman. And as of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of $40 million according to the reports.

Personal Life

Curtis Jackson Dating

50 Cent was in a relationship with Jamira, she and the rapper were in a relationship back in 2019 and before his stardom Cent was in a relationship with Shaniqua Tompkins, but as of now it is not clearly known whom Cent is dating nowadays, it is clear that though Cent might have a very high profile career, Curtis Jackson has maintained a private life when the topic arises regarding his relationships.

50 Cent’s Body Measurement

He has two sons from different women and the names of his sons are Marquise Jackson and Sire Jackson. 

Cent’s height is 6ft and weighs around 85 KGS. His hair and eye color are black.

Height182.2 cm
Weight85 KGS
 dob6 July 1975
50 Cent

50 Cent Social Media

The iconic rapper is available on various social media accounts with a huge fan base. He has 28.1 million followers on his Instagram account, he is even available on Twitter.

50 Cent Quotes

“I come from the bottom and I have risen up and I have changed but I have never forgotten..”

Some Lesser Known Facts About

   His real name is Curtis James Jackson III.

  The injury from 2000 has damaged his jaw and tongue permanently.

  After the tragic death of his mother, Curtis Jackson was raised by his mother.


How many times has 50 Cent been married?

Is 50 Cent a married man? No, the singer from the United States is not married and never has been married. He has, however, been in partnerships with a number of stunning women in the entertainment world. He even has 2 kids from previous marriages.

Are 50 Cent and Eminem friends?

Eminem and 50 Cent have had a friendship for over two decades, and it is still going strong. Eminem gained national attention in the Detroit hip-hop scene after adopting the persona of Slim Shady for his hip-hop-hophop performances, and in 1998, he met Dr. Dre, who assisted him to atonnel his career in rapping.

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