Cheryl Burke’s
fans believe Matthew Lawrence cheated. After a shocking revelation Video on TikTok
Cheryl Burke: I'm 'Still Debating' First Dance With Matthew Lawrence
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Cheryl Burke posted a bombshell TikTok video that led many fans to speculate her estranged husband cheated on her

Following Cheryl Burke’s shocking TikTok video. Many fans began to believe that her estranged husband. Matthew Lawrence had cheated on her.
The “Dancing With the Stars” expert, 38, wrote over the tape on Wednesday.
“When he stated he would never talk to her again yet I found text messages. Viagra, and a necklace hidden in a pair of his shoes.”

Cheryl Burke seemed irate as she shook her head. And stared straight at the camera in the social media upload, which was set to Adele’s “When We Were Young.”
She wrote in the caption, “The last time is 100% correct. “Forever goodbye… Excessive pain is bad, so I hope it was worthwhile.
Many of the “Dance Moms” coach’s fans concluded. She was talking to Lawrence, from whom she filed for divorce in February.
Even though she did not specifically name the allegedly unfaithful ex.
To think that Matthew did that makes me sad. Kind of detracts from his image in my mind,” remarked one person.

The “Dancing With the Stars” pro chose Adele’s “When We Were Young” for the emotional upload.
One more admirer commented that she would “boycott everything Lawrence going forward.”
Others cautioned users of TikTok to refrain from “creating conclusions”. About the actress from “Mrs. Doubtfire,” who wed Cheryl Burke in May 2019.
If they divorced in January, why are people presuming it’s Matthew? one commentator questioned.
The other replied that the two have “been done.”

Matthew Lawrence Cheated Cheryl Burke?
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Burke and Lawrence’s representatives did not immediately answer

And the 42-year-old actor has not made any public comments about the TikTok video.
However, a source tells us only that “The post was purposefully vague.
Cheryl Burke has a history of abusive relationships, and any of those people may be the ex she is referring to.
She has been candid about her reluctance to start dating on her podcast, “Cheryl Burke in the Game.”

The choreographer said, “I am actually not ready for dating tomorrow, or maybe not next week, maybe not for another few months, maybe not for a year, I don’t know,” during the May premiere episode filming.
But by July, Cheryl Burke had “certainly started to be curious.”
She told her listeners last month: “It doesn’t necessarily imply. Though, that I’m ready to jump on Raya or any of these dating apps just yet.”
Without a doubt, I want to start maybe meeting new people.

I wouldn’t mind having a text relationship with someone, or even simply someone to flirt with, Cheryl Burke continued.
I’m willing to date, and I’ll begin slowly but surely.”
Lawrence, a “Boy Meets World” veteran, ignited romance rumors.
Earlier this month when he was seen with Chili, a TLC musician;
But, Chili’s agent denied that the two are anything more than acquaintances.

 Cheryl Burke, Matthew Lawrence's Relationship Timeline
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Lawrence and Cheryl Burke, who had been dating intermittently since 2007, broke up in January.
She posted a statement on Instagram the following month confirming that they had broken up.
There isn’t really an easy way to communicate that my marriage is ending.
She wrote. “I know I have always claimed that I’m an open book with you guys, I do strive to be,” she continued.
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