After many explosions on the sun’s surface in recent days.
A “cannibal” eruption of solar material is expected to make contact with Earth from Wednesday through Friday.
Cannibal CME' from Huge Explosion on Surface of Sun Is about to Hit Earth

Cannibal CME set to trigger strong geomagnetic Storm

Less than a day after another coronal mass ejection (CME) was noticed on August 14.
The material eruption, also known as a Cannibal CME, was blasted from the sun in the early hours of August 15.
CMEs, or clouds of charged matter known as plasma.

Cannibal' explosion on the sun could disrupt GPS systems on Earth this week
Plasma is released from the sun when a collection of the sun’s tangled magnetic field lines shifts or realigns, unleashing massive amounts of energy.
CMEs are common, but if one of them were to be directed toward Earth, it might interact with the magnetic field there to produce a geomagnetic storm.

Problems with radio navigation, greater drag on satellites, power grid irregularities, and distant auroras can all be brought on by geomagnetic storms.
The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) assigns storms a G1 to G5 classification. With G5 storms being the strongest and most disruptive and G1 storms being mild.
The SWPC published a notice on Monday warning of potential geomagnetic storms for this week’s Wednesday and Thursday.

A G2-class storm was predicted for Thursday in particular. But on Tuesday night, this was changed to a probable “strong” G3 event.
Friday was added to the list of days that will be affected.
Due to the “combined arrival” of several CMEs at the same time, the SWPC predicted a greater storm. Since August 14, at least four are believed to have been traveling toward Earth.
Sun Eruptions Launched A Colossal Cannibal Hurtling Towards Earth At 2 Million MPH

Cannibal CME may increased drag on low-Earth orbit Satellites

The CME that occurred on August 15 has been dubbed a “Cannibal CME” by the solar activity news website
It could overpower and devour up” the one that occurred the day before it.

Most people shouldn’t be alarmed by the potential G3 storm that is predicted to occur in the next several days.
According to the SWPC, such storms could result in increased drag on low-Earth orbit satellites.
Sporadic issues with satellite navigation and low-frequency radio navigation, and auroras in as far south as Illinois and Oregon.

Storms may also state that power system voltage modifications are necessary.
A Cannibal CME of this strength is unlikely to be noticeable by or interfere with normal daily living for the general public.
 Cannibal' explosion on the sun is hurling to Earth that could trigger radio blackouts
Blackouts or the collapse of the electricity grid, for example, would need a far greater storm, such as a G5-class event.

Cannibal CMEs may cause more trouble in particular sectors of the economy.

Many SpaceX satellites were destroyed earlier in 2022. As a result of increased resistance in low-Earth orbit brought on by a geomagnetic storm that made them fall back to Earth.