BTS is going to be pressing pause to pursue solo projects, the K-Pop group declared Tuesday.

BTS made the announcement in a video during their Festa dinner:

The massively widespread performers created the announcement during a video throughout their “Festa dinner,” celebrating the band’s ninth day of remembrance.
The group consists of artists RM, Jin, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook.


BTS formally debuted in 2013. The band’s members, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, area unit currently nearly thirty and have spent many years along reaching international success and turning into one every of the world’s most well-known music teams.
But on balance now, their work has felt a lot robotic, in keeping with Jin.
“I have my very own hobbies, too, and things I would like to try and do on my very own,” he said.

BTS members will take time to explore some solo projects at this time :

“We’re going into a hiatus currently,” Suga said. but same, “To be clear, they’re not on hiatus however can take time to explore some solo comes at now and stay active in numerous completely different formats.”


“The downside with K-Pop and also the whole idol system is that they do not provide you with time to mature. you’ve got to stay manufacturing music and keep doing one thing. And when I get up within the morning and find makeup done there is not any time left for growth,” group member RM said.

“In the past, I may still balance functioning on music alone and doing our group promotions however currently I can’t do them alone. It’s not possible, it simply will not work. I can not be doing group stuff and so suddenly turning the main focus to my very own work like flipping a switch,” RM continued.

“I accomplished I would like time on my very own.”
He added that he accomplished BTS had modified throughout the Covid-19 pandemic after they released hit singles like “Dynamite”, “Butter” and “Permission to Dance”.


BTS will gather again as a group that synergy will be like no other:

“I suppose 90% of our fans would root for North American nation regardless of what kind of music or direction we decide,” V said. “J-Hope told ME this before, we tend to may concentrate on our solo work now and later after we gather once more like a bunch that action is going to be like no different.”


“We can not help however think about our fans regardless of what. I feel current, finally, we’ve returned to accept what kind of artists we wish to be remembered by our fans. I feel that is why we’re surfing a rough patch at once.

We’re making an attempt to seek out our identity and that is an exhausting and long method,” Jimin added.
“I suppose that modification is what we want at once,” J-Hope said. “It’s vital for BTS to begin our second chapter.”

The group’s worldwide recognition grew in 2018 with their albums “Love Yourself: Answer” and “Love Yourself: Tear.” They’ve conjointly had big hits through prosperous collaborations with Coldplay, Halsey, Ed Sheeran, and different artists.
During an interview in 2020, J Hope represented the group’s approach to their careers.

BTS, breaking one of the English rock band’s records with three Billboard No. 1 albums:

“We do not try and set our standards to outline success as a result of if you set those standards, it’s terribly exhausting physically and mentally to succeed in those goals,” J-Hope said. “Instead, simply making an attempt hard at what we tend to do in our lives and emotions and staying faithful that.


And this eventually results in plenty of success. that is what I am making an attempt to try to do. And by doing that, making an attempt to remain faithful ourselves.”

BTS has been oftentimes compared to The Beatles, even breaking one in every English rock band’s records with 3 billboard No. 1 albums during a single year.

“BTS Army” their devoted fan base calls themselves by this name, motivating their music and coming back to their defense on social media in 2019 once the group was excluded from Grammy nominations. they need to be nominative for 2 Grammy Awards for best pop/duo performance.