Brock Lesnar on Friday walked out of WWE Smackdown. Whereas he discharged all rumors to return to the show and hardly attach theory. Friday night smackdown was an amazing night during WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

Brock Lesnar

When Brock Lesnar walked out of the show WWE tried to work on a backup plan:

Vince McMahon decided to step down from his position as WWE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer permanently. The entire WWE and pro-wrestling world were shocked after his decision. McMahon got retired at the age of 77. After 42 years, he made an end of an era. Following his retirement, rumors started to circle. That former WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar had walked out of Friday’s show. After getting upset from the news of Mcmahon’s retirement.

Later in the evening, Brock Lesnar proved that all rumors were wrong. Smackdown was held on Friday at the TD Garden in Boston. When Brock Lesner walked out of the show WWE tried to work on a backup plan. For the scheduled match against Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam PPV.

Brock Lesnar
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Later Brock Lesnar entered the arena while passing a smile to Theory:

They also tried to convince Brock Lesnar to further think about his decision. Lesnar did think about his decision and later returned for the show in the evening. To make things more interesting he made his way into the show. While the show was at the end of a conclusion. Meanwhile, Theory was in the ring at that time. When Lesnar walked into the arena while passing a smile. The Theory’s facial expressions told the entire story that was going to happen there.

The commentators were also shocked. Fans started to speculate on social media that it was all part of the script. Some reports continued to report that there was some confusion regarding Brock Lesnar in WWE. At the same time, the company planned to cover it up for the time.

Brock Lesnar