Britney Spears
made a statement before the August 26 release of her new single, “Hold Me Closer”.
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Britney Spears Hints About a Collaboration with Elton John

The pop diva Britney Spears acknowledged this in a series of tweets. That she is “somewhat overwhelmed” by the upcoming song. An Elton John duet that will be her first new work in six years.
Britney Spears declared that it was “pretty darn awesome”. To perform with one of the most renowned musicians of all time.
I’m a little overpowered… It’s very important to me! I’m meditating more and realizing how precious and valuable my space is.
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I’m learning that every day is a fresh start to strive to improve myself and do what makes me happy. “Yes, I choose happiness today,” she concluded.
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Every day I remind myself to let go of my hurt and bitterness. And to attempt to forgive others and me for any possible offenses.
Like when I was younger, I want to be fearless and not be as scared and afraid.
In Britney Spears final tweet, the singer expressed optimism: “I chose happiness and joy today.”

A few weeks after Page Six claimed that John and Britney Spears had recorded a duet of his 1971 classic “Tiny Dancer”.
The news of their new song has confirmed.
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Although the chorus of the John’s favorite includes the phrase “hold me closer”.
It’s unclear whether the new single is an addition to the song or a whole separate composition.
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In Beverly Hills, the two legends reportedly collaborated with producer Andrew Watt.
To record their new rendition of “Tiny Dancer”.
In which Rolling Stone classified as the 47th greatest song of all time.

 People Elton John, Britney Spears Releasing New Version of 'Tiny Dancer'
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Following her release from a 13-year conservatorship in November. Spears will release a new song, which will be her first taste of new music.
Additionally, it’s Spears first release since 2020. When her label released a deluxe edition of her 2016 album Glory.
Earlier this month, a pre-save link for the song that went to John’s website became available.
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