Cricket is one of the widely celebrated sports of all time, be it in India or all across the globe. Some have left their footprints so deep in this field that they are considered the world’s best cricketers of all time. Many in the past and present have and are creating history every time they played or played on the field.

  Cricket is the kind of sport where new talents keep emerging. Every player has attributes that make them special and give them a chance to leave a mark on the world cricket format. Yet, there are many former players as well as current players who truly are the world’s best cricketers.

The list is for sure a never-ending one, but here’s presenting you a few gems of cricket who transformed the game with their very own game and achievements in the relative sport.



Sir Donald Bradman was a right-handed batsman from Australia. He has a record of 6996 runs in test cricket with a total frequency of 52 test matches. Hence, he is the only player with an unbeatable record of 99.4 runs as his average test scores. Apart from this, in first-class cricket, he has made 28067 runs with a frequency of 234 first-class matches.

However, the batting prowess and skill of sir Donald Bradman became evident only due to his immense contribution to the test series. His most noteworthy accomplishment was when he made 974 runs against England with an average of 139.14. It is still the highest ever a player has made in one go. That’s why we can say that he was truly a DON in the game of cricket.

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Sachin Tendulkar’s contribution to the game of cricket is just on another level. He had a perfect balance of skills in his batting ability. It was his battle prowess and skill that helped him enjoy 24 years of an international career. He made his test debut at an age of 16 and ever since then he has been unstoppable. He has an unbeatable record of 15921 runs in a total of 200 test matches. Yes, it is higher than that of Sir Donald Bradman.

The streak and record of 100 centuries in one-day internationals are some of his best achievements. Will it ever be broken by any player? The doubt will always remain. Sachin’s dream before retirement was just to lift a world cup trophy and that was made possible in 2011 against Sri Lanka under MS dhoni’s captaincy. Sachin’s dedication and his religious following towards the game helped in making Cricket immensely famous in India. Apart from his records, this is what makes him the greatest of all time.



In the list of the world’s best cricketers, the name of IMRAN KHAN just needs to be there. Imran khan before entering into politics was a cricket player with remarkable achievements. He was the right-arm fast bowler and a right-handed batsman and both of these abilities were just top-notch.

Imran khan has scored 3807 runs in test cricket with 88 matches in hand in terms of batting. in one day international series to Imran khan has scored 3709 runs with a total of 175 ODI matches. In terms of his bowling action, the former cricketer has scored 362 wickets in test matches and approximately 180 wickets in the ODI series.





Adam Gilchrist was one of the players who brought in a revolutionary change in the game of cricket. the former cricketer was an all-rounder, a great batsman, a great bowler, and a top-class wicketkeeper

In his career, the former all-rounder has a record of 5570 runs in 96 test matches with approximately 15 centuries in hand, whereas, in the ODI series, he has about 9000 runs in about 250 matches.

He made his ODI debut as a wicketkeeper against South Africa and has had a similar cricketing trajectory as Sachin Tendulkar. His aggressive yet fruitful batting style is what has made him earn his name and the position he stands at now.





MS Dhoni, a small-town boy who entered the game, struggled a bit and then made skyrocketing records. The game of cricket is absolutely incomplete without his name and achievements.

Ms. Dhoni the former captain of the Indian cricket team has the fastest wicket-keeping skills and has made innumerable centuries for the team.

He has a record of approximately 10,000 runs in more than 300 ODIs with 15 centuries in hand. Not only in terms of his cricketing style, but MS Dhoni has also been one of the most successful captains of all time by achieving massive victories in tests and ODIs, he the player by whose guidance, India won the world cup of 2011 against Sri Lanka

The age of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is just a number, he can still show that his fitness levels are at the top and even after retirement he can play and lead a team in a similar way he used to do before.





Ro-Hit Sharma as he is often called as is the hitman currently present in the Indian cricket team has immense skills in batting and presents a strong batting line whenever he steps down on the field. Rohit Sharma has scored approximately 9000 runs in his ODIs with more than 250 matches in hand. The date of birth of Rohit Sharma is the 30th of April and coincidently there are 30 centuries by him in one-day international series.

Rohit Sharma has led the team India to victory in several championships both as a batsman and as a captain. Rohit Sharma has become this successful only after a decade of the struggle of him joining the Indian cricket fraternity.





Virat Kohli is the current captain of the Indian cricket team, he is a right-handed top-order batsman. He is considered the world’s best batsman and is a really important player in the cricketing industry.

Virat Kohli has scored more than 12000 runs in approximately 250 one-day series and has scored a whopping 43 centuries. In Test cricket, he has completed 7500 runs and in T20s he has successfully made more than 3000 runs.

He is one of the most ambitious and successful cricketing talents of all time and is very close to crossing Sachin Tendulkar’s record if his batting continues like this. We hope to see much more magic from Virat Kohli and team India in the test match against England.





Sir Vivian Richards, considered among the world’s best cricketers of all time, is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. He is undoubtedly one of the most consistent players of all time in the history of ODI cricket.

Sir Vivian Richards has scored more than 6000 runs in more than 110 one-day matches and was called the king of sixes due to his ability to hit down the pitch in his fashion.

Another fun fact about the player is that he never wore a helmet in his entire lifetime.

He is the third-best player in test cricket with more than 8000 runs in just 32 matches and is considered to be the greatest all-rounder cricketer of all time.

He transformed the game by hammering the ball away from the boundary and not bothering with anyone else. In an international career of 50 years, Sir Vivian Richards is said to have made a hundred centuries. This shows that dedication, discipline, and consistency can help one get the goals that they want to have.

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