Ben Affleck
and his mother had a tender moment while celebrating Jennifer Lopez’s wedding last month
Jennifer Lopez Shares Photo of Ben Affleck and His Mom from Ga. Wedding
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Ben Affleck shared a sweet moment with his mother during his wedding party

On August 20, Christopher Anne Boldt joined over 100 friends and family. To honor her son and new daughter-in-law at Ben Affleck’s 87-acre estate in Georgia.
Ben Affleck kissed Boldt on the forehead in a picture that was published in Thursday’s edition of Lopez’s newsletter On The JLo.
Additionally, Casey Affleck, Affleck’s brother, is raised by Boldt.
Ben Affleck, a 50-year-old man, is dressed in a linen vest, jeans, and a white button-down shirt.
Boldt reportedly hurt her leg the day before the ceremony and was attended to at a nearby hospital.
Despite being unable to attend the Georgia wedding weekend.
Ben’s brother Casey, 47, welcomed Lopez into the family in an Instagram post that was published that Sunday.

Along with a vintage photo of himself, Ben, and Lopez, 53, strolling through Los Angeles in August 2002.
He said, “Good things are worth waiting for.
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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez revive the 'Bennifer' media magic
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Here’s to taking unexpected detours, making new beginnings, and finding new ways to fall in love.

“Please join our family. Prepare for some serious dysfunction! Kidding. I’m joking, “Casey went on.
“You’re a jewel, Jen,” the Oscar winner closed the note. We adore you a lot! “with a heart emoji in red.
Lopez and the Argo actor-director Ben Affleck restarted their relationship last year after their initial relationship lasted from 2002 to 2004.
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They announced their engagement in April. In a private midnight ceremony, the pair exchanged vows at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas in July.
A-list celebrities attended their celebration in Georgia, including Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon, who is best friends with Ben.

A well-known Hollywood talent agency run by Patrick Whitesell was there.
As well as his model and actress wife Pia Miller.
The previous night, Lopez and Ben “laughed about getting married again at our age,” according to Thursday’s message.
We both had prior marriages, and we aren’t really young adults anymore.
But nevertheless this appeared to be the only age that made sense, she said.
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